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Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp was a week-long trip to Mapleton QCCC, participating in a variety of activities, led by qualified instructors and designed to challenge our Year 8’s.  From tackling challenging obstacles to celebrating achievements, our students demonstrated their determination, resilience, and a spirit of camaraderie throughout the adventure. Students stayed in tents for two nights.  […]

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Now More than Ever

National Reconciliation Week commences with the anniversary of the referendum, a pivotal moment in our nation’s history when the constitution was amended to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The week concludes on June 3rd, commemorating the landmark Mabo Court case decision. This significant ruling not only acknowledged the traditional owners of the land,

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The Annual Physics Cup

In STEM (Science), the Year 7 cohort has been investigating the physical forces that act on us and make our world turn, and the simple machines that help us utilise these forces. Their understanding would become vital in competing in the Third Annual Physics Cup Competition at AussieWorld in Week 7. Teams raced against the

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Middle School Term 4 Highlights

This last term of the year has been a wonderful time of recognition and celebration. There have been the big ticket items of Sports Awards, Eagle Awards, and the Presentation Ceremony. It has been no less special though to attend the Music and Dance nights showcasing our students’ artistic talents that have been developed over

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Middle School Update

This term has already proven to be busy, with several significant activities, events, and happenings in Middle School. Here’s a little bit about these: I missed out on attending this year’s Year 9 camp but I have just opened these hot-off-the-press photos and had a sneak peak. Photos do tell the story of one thousand

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Teen Talk Translator

If you have a teenager, or maybe even blessed with a few, you would be well aware when you ask them a question, teenagers aren’t great at explaining exactly what’sgoing on with them. Here are some helpful tips for translating their answers, so you know what they’re really saying: You: “How was school today?”Teenager: “Hmmph”Translation:

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Year 8 Camp 2023

Year 8 camp created unforgettable memories this year. From challenging obstacles to remarkable achievements, our students showcased their determination, resilience, and spirit of camaraderie throughout the entire experience. The Year 8 camp, held at the picturesque Kenilworth Adventure Alternatives, was designed to push our students beyond their comfort zones and help them discover the strength

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Careers Expo 2023 a Great Success!

We held our annual Careers Expo on 16 June, again filling our fantastic GPAC with a varied range of exhibitors, including several universities, apprenticeship and traineeship providers, creative arts, health and business training organisations, TAFE, Police recruiting and Defence Force recruiting to name a few. It was great to see so many students from Year

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The What and the Why

The topic of this article is actually part of a response I made to a question put to me a few weeks ago by a senior student. “What do you think about chat GPT sir?” At the time I feigned ignorance and promised to return to the topic at a more appropriate time. My search

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Middle School Celebrates Student Achievements in Academics, Arts, and Athletics

Middle School is always buzzing with activity, and sometimes it’s challenging to find the time to share and celebrate all the special moments with you.  So here is a short ‘Let’s stop and smell some of the Middle School ‘roses’ opportunity. First and foremost, our heartfelt congratulations go to the Middle School students who received

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Year 7s Talk and Ride

This week, Year 7 students have been busy demonstrating their talking and riding skills, participating in the annual Physics Cup and Clash of Empires Debates. The Physics Cup Year 7 students have been and exploring the world of physical forces and machines this term, investigating the forces that make our world ‘turn’ and the simple

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You Are Loved

At lunchtime, on Wednesdays, a group of Middle School students gather in the pastor’s Lifehouse to learn more about God and his love for them.  This term we’ve been looking at a series called Reckless Love by Next Step Ministries.   Throughout this study, we have heard the testimonies of people who have had their

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Honourable Citizenship

It was quite some years ago now that the movie, Accidental Hero, was aired. It told the story of people who were rescued from a burning plane by a man who then disappeared into the night. The tale reveals that the hero was actually an ordinary family man but clearly someone who was decent when

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Highlights of Year 8 (so far)

Year 8 is a challenging year academically, with students expected to develop greater independence in their studies. Our program is designed to provide a rigorous and engaging learning experience, with a focus on developing essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.  In addition to their academic pursuits, Year 8 students also have the

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In the southern hemisphere, the school year wraps up leading into Christmas. One celebration leads into another and another climaxing in Christmas – the greatest of all celebrations! Another school year is wrapping up quickly. It began a few weeks ago with the Sports Awards Ceremony followed by the Eagle Awards Assembly, then the Middle

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Middle School Experience Day

This year’s Middle School Experience Day was a blast of fun. We had the opportunity to experience what school will be like in Year 7. It consisted of various activities, including dance, science, music, food tech, PE, pastoral care and a navigation activity called ‘Where’s What?’ where Year 6 students had clues about places they

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Year 9 Business Big Ideas Challenge

Recently, 20 of our Year 9 Business students bravely volunteered to attend the Sunshine Coast Big Ideas Challenge. The free event, hosted by Future Anything, an organisation that delivers entrepreneurial programs to schools, brought together 80 students from several schools across the Sunshine Coast in an entrepreneurial, skills-focused, problem-solving challenge. In the short space of

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Urban play – it’s your turn

Glasshouse Christian College teachers have collaborated with the University of the Sunshine Coast in developing a Sustainable Neighbourhoods program to teach secondary students. Our teachers were part of the pilot program and have given feedback on the content and implementation, to help the developers create a more engaging and student-friendly product.  In Term 4, we

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The Physics Cup – what a ride!

Year 7 has been exploring the world of physics in STEM this term, investigating the forces that make our world ‘turn’ and the simple machines that help us harness these forces, such as levers, wheel and axles, screws, and pulleys. Their newfound knowledge would soon come to good use with the cohort travelling to Aussie

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GirlGamers – eSports event

What a day!  Last Wednesday, nine of our Year 5-8 young ladies competed in ‘The Fuse Cup – Girl Gamers’ event. The event was held at Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast and saw around 70 girls from around the state come together to compete against each other at MarioCart.  The focus of the event

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Farm and Feed Day

The joint collaboration between the Agriculture and Hospitality Departments was showcased to a whole new level this year. Parents and special guests were invited along to the Ag Plot where they were treated to a farm tour and luncheon. The Ag students displayed their depth of both practical and scientific knowledge with agrotechnology demonstrations, animal

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The wonder of reading

There were two occasions when I was surprised by how emotional I became in the first year of each of my four children’s schooling. They were – the first day of their school life. Leading up to it I had been thinking how great it was that they were off on this next wonderful step

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Year 7 and 8 Food Technology

What a year so far in the Junior Kitchen! Our Year 7 and 8 students have had fantastic opportunities to upskill themselves during their visit with us. They have learned how to be safe in the kitchen and be aware of bacteria and food poisoning. We have learned the different ways we can improve our personal

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Bon appétit!

As part of the Secondary French program, one of the goals is to offer students real-life authentic learning experiences to highlight the importance of learning languages and understanding cultures. This week, the Year 8 French students had a chance to experience France and the French culture with all their senses while they explored French cuisine

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USC Science Engineering Challenge

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a national program that aims to get students excited about careers in Science and Engineering. It is an inter-school competition where students participate in a series of activities related to real-world applications. On Wednesday 13 July (during the third week of the holidays) a group of 15 GCC students

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Holding up the mirror

Already we are reflecting on the fact that we are halfway through the school year and it’s wonderful to see how far our students have come in six months! Not only have some grown several inches over the three-week break, but as teachers and parents reflect on the recent Semester Reports it is exciting to

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Student Leadership

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs. At Glasshouse Christian College, we have a range of leadership opportunities and typically, for many who are in leadership, they are chosen because they have demonstrated that they are responsible, organised, passionate and reliable, such

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Why Shakespeare?

As a senior teacher of some years at Glasshouse Christian College, I’ve often been asked a question familiar to most English teachers: Why Shakespeare? I have several glib pre-prepared answers to this question when just ‘getting on with things’ doesn’t permit an extended response, but I thought that, given the popularity of the question and

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A snapshot of Year 8

We certainly have had some interesting weather this year! The rain just seems to keep coming back! So far in English and Humanities this year, we have looked at a variety of topics. We read and wrote a monologue about Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.  We also had a Living History Incursion.  The people talked

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FUSE Clash of Empires

Year 7 students’ FUSE Clash of Empires unit had an extremely competitive end to Term 1 with some very heated formal debates about which empire, Ancient China or Ancient Rome, would have come out on top if they had ever clashed. Each victorious debating team received either a jade jewel, representing China, or an iron

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What is happening in Science?

Senior science students are all working on their Student Experiment – otherwise known as the Internal Assessment 2. This counts for 20 per cent of their overall grade. Biology students are basing their experiments on ecosystem dynamics. Physics students are working on the refraction of light. Chemistry students investigated electroplating and combustion of fuels while

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Year 9: The Rite Journey

The start of 2022 has been an interesting one. The borders finally opened up, COVID-19 spread like a wildfire delaying the start of the school term, and just when you thought all the interruptions were over, we had some of the heaviest rain I have ever seen, which resulted in flooding that rivalled 2011 floods in

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What’s happening in Year 8?

Year 8 has begun with a splash!  Swimming lessons are a hit in P.E. Learning about the Middle Ages in EHUM is exciting with lessons about the Black Death, Knights, Weapons and Warfare and different social structures. The Pastors have been leading classes through the Unlimited Program where they explore the unlimited potential of themselves and

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Agricultural Science at GCC

It has been a fantastic beginning to 2022 for all the Aggies, new and old, and it is set to be an amazing year ahead. Year 10 Ag Science are immersing themselves in researching global food security and how to crop wild relatives to help plant breeders adapt new plant varieties to climate change. Over

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Parent Power

It’s well documented that the greatest influence on a child’s life is their parents or caregivers. As teachers and staff, we know that if we want our students to succeed, to be well-mannered, to be kind and thoughtful then we need to work together as one united front with the parents for the best results.

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Year 7 and 8 Cairns Trip

The Year 7 and 8 Glasshouse Christian College students enjoyed an amazing few days of first-hand experiential learning in North Queensland last week. While their accommodation was based in Cairns, they travelled as far as the Daintree, Mossman Gorge, Kuranda and the Great Barrier Reef. In Cairns they visited the Museum, the Aquarium, the Botanic

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Strong Winds, Deep Roots

Winter usually brings a few days of strong winds. They’re not pleasant, they make it feel colder than the real time temperatures, clothing develops static electricity and there is a mess on the roads and in gardens from fallen branches and garden debris. However, wind is necessary in nature. Several years ago, scientists created a

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