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Celebrating World Poetry Day

  • April 28, 2022

Celebrating World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day was celebrated in our library on 21 March with Secondary students being invited to share their own poems. Students were encouraged to use poetry to share their ‘voice’ and to write about something important to them. During World Poetry Day we also watched some Poetry Slams on video and were particularly inspired by the talent of a young Australian Slam Poet – Solli Raphael. As is often said, a poem is written to be heard rather than just being read! Solli passionately presents his poems and uses his words as a platform to raise awareness for topics he is passionate about including climate change, bullying and the war on waste. Poetry can so effectively influence others; inspire them, call them to action or inform them about something impacting our humanity.

Thank you to all the young poets that shared their poems with us and to all students who joined us on World Poetry Day 2022 to see and hear some great poems! The World Poetry Day prize winners this year were: Olivia Kirkitscha in Year 7 and Isabella Buckland in Year 8. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding entries! We look forward to hearing more students share their ideas and have their say on World Poetry Day next year.

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