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What is happening in Science?

  • April 26, 2022

What is happening in Science?

Senior science students are all working on their Student Experiment – otherwise known as the Internal Assessment 2. This counts for 20 per cent of their overall grade. Biology students are basing their experiments on ecosystem dynamics. Physics students are working on the refraction of light. Chemistry students investigated electroplating and combustion of fuels while psychology students investigated sleep.

The students plan a modification of an experiment conducted in class, they collect data and learn how to analyse data. This task gives students a real taste of working as a scientist or engineer.

Meanwhile, Year 9 students enjoyed their experience dissecting eyeballs, this was part of their study of the energy unit. They learned how we receive and process light energy.

Paige-Richard Williamson and Meg Jarvis in Year 11 are investigating the effect of temperature on the growth of E.coli.
Chevez, Carl, Chloe and Dylan dissecting a cow’s eyeball.

Cathy Horrigan

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