Week 10 upheaval - Glasshouse Christian College

Week 10 upheaval

  • March 31, 2021

Week 10 upheaval

We had wonderful plans for this week that were suddenly turned on their head after the government’s announcement Monday morning. We were excited about holding our Easter Service, the Year 11 and 12s were planning to finish their exam block and I’m sure many of you were looking forward to the primary teacher interviews which were already booked.

Due to the sudden announcement, we had to move quickly to cancel, postpone and rearrange whatever we could and consider all the implications. It was a challenging time for management making these calls and especially difficult for our families.

I want to thank you all for your support and understanding as we worked out the details of compliance as a school just ten minutes from the lockdown area. I’ve always been proud of our GCC families and once again you have shown how supportive you are of the College and each other. 

Anzac Day: from virtual to reality

It was this time last year when COVID-19 really hit home for us in Queensland. We had cancelled our Easter service thinking it would all be over soon but when we realised that there would be no Anzac services at GCC or in the community, the impact of the pandemic was really felt.

However, it was lovely to draw upon our strong tradition of commemorating Anzac Day and to watch our Virtual Anzac service together. We also had our students and families send in photos and videos of how they remembered Anzac Day and it was a moving experience to see the dedication and creativity of these personal events. You can revisit those memories here

This year I’m excited (and hopeful) to be once again gathering in person for our GCC Anzac Service and the community march. The first week of Term 2 is going to be a busy one so I thought I would give you a ‘heads-up’ on what to expect. 

Wednesday 21 April to Thursday 22 April

On Wednesday and Thursday 21-22 April, our College Captains will have a range of Anzac items for sale at the JUA beside Main Admin between 8am – 8:30am and 3pm – 3:30pm both days. All proceeds are donated to our local RSL branch. 

Friday 24 April

We hope to be holding our College Anzac Service. This will commence at 8:45am in the Sports Centre. This service will be live-streamed for parents to watch at home if they wish to do so.

Sunday 25 April 

GCC will be participating in the Beerwah Anzac Day March and Service on Sunday 25 April. Now we have the opportunity to gather again to support our local Anzac ceremonies, I would like to encourage you all to turn out with us as a show of support to our Anzacs and the local community. 

The march will begin in the Coochin Creek Co-operative car park on Simpson Street. Everyone is asked to assemble at 8:45am with the march stepping off at 9:00am. These times are slightly earlier than usual due to physical distancing required this year and will be confirmed in a letter we will send out the first week of Term 2.  

We are expecting a large number of children from GCC and other schools so the organisers have asked that parents do not drive into the Coochin Creek Co-operative car park area. Please park in the surrounding streets and shopping car parks and walk across to the meeting point.  

The march will exit the Co-op heading down Peachester Road, turn left into Turner Street and then right into Turner Park (behind the Library). The service will begin promptly at 10am. Please ensure students wear sunscreen on the day and have their hats and water with them. Students should be in full formal uniform, including blazers for Senior students. 

All students are expected to make every effort to attend and we strongly encourage you to keep this tradition alive. If your child is attending a march or service elsewhere, please notify their teacher before the event.

If any of these arrangements change, we will let you know the first week of Term 2.

Monday 26 April

In Queensland, Monday 26 April is a public holiday because Anzac Day falls on Sunday. Not all the Australian states have the extra public holiday and it only happens once every seven years in Queensland, so mark it on your calendar. Interestingly, there is no public holiday on a Monday if Anzac Day falls on a Saturday. Queensland’s 1983 Holidays Act says, “for Anzac Day, a public holiday will be observed on 25 April; or if 25 April is a Sunday the following Monday”.

The first week back is a big one but we can all (in Queensland) look forward to an extra day off on the following Monday and feel a little sorry for our fellow Australians in New South Wales and Victoria who have to attend work and school.

Stay safe

I feel for those of you who may have had to cancel plans these holidays and pray that this situation is quickly contained for everyone involved. At this stage, it looks like churches will be open for Easter so please take the opportunity to attend a local service, pray for each other and those in the world who are suffering terribly throughout these challenging times. 

Mike Curtis, Principal

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