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Spelling bee success

  • April 20, 2021

Spelling bee success

A group of 27 students from Years 3 – 6 participated in the Prime Minister’s Online Spelling Bee on Thursday 25 March. The Spelling Bee is an online-only competition where students competed within their year level bracket.

Students who participated in the competition were required to answer 30 random spelling words per round. The results were corrected and then ranked based on accuracy and time. Based on these results, students were then selected to move to the next round of Spelling Bee which is the State Level. Out of the 27 entrants, four students have been successful in moving to the State Level. These students were Liam W, Jacob F from Year 4 and Matthew O and Brent T from Year 6. I would also like to specifically acknowledge Jacob F, who was one of just 14 students around the country who achieved a perfect score in the school round of the Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee!

I would like to congratulate all of the students who competed in the Spelling Bee this year. They have all worked very hard and should be proud of their efforts and achievement. I would also like to wish the four students moving forward to the State Finals the best of luck as they compete against other students around QLD.

Postscript: Since this article was written, Jacob Ferrari scored a perfect 30/30! Jacob featured in KidsNews as one of the best spellers in the country and you can read the whole story here.

Sarah Jennings, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

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