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A great start to Term 1

  • March 31, 2021

A great start to Term 1

As the term draws to an end, we can only reflect on how blessed we have been to be able to undertake most of this term without major disruptions and challenges. 

Our children have been involved in many exciting activities and exposed to a range of learning opportunities some of which included a visit to the theatre to see ‘The Hungry Caterpillar, involvement in lunchtime music concerts and chess challenges and participation in the Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee competition. Other activities that were organised and that were able to go ahead included a visit to Australia Zoo, participation in the surfing and skating academy, Interschool sports, swimming carnivals, the Education Perfect French Languages Championships, the Legacy Cup Bike On, camps in Year 3 and Year 4, Significant 72 activities and a variety of incursions. 

Perhaps just as important though, have been the times this term when we have walked through some challenges together. These included times when our children have struggled with something and where they have learnt the important lesson of telling the truth and asking for help. There have also been times where friends have learnt how to reconcile after a disagreement or how to have a difference of opinion in a respectful way. These lessons have been just as valuable as learning sight words or how to add decimal numbers or coding on a computer. 

We have been extremely fortunate that our programs and events have gone ahead as planned during the term and, although we have had a slight setback this week, I am optimistic and hopeful that we will be able to continue with all that we have planned for the children into next term.

Date reminders for Term 2:

ANZAC Day March                 Sunday 25 April
ANZAC Day Public Holiday    Monday 26 April
Cross Country Y3-6                Tuesday 27 April
Parent-Teacher Interviews      Wednesday 28 April and  Thursday 29 April
Cross Country Prep – Y2         Friday 14 May
Open Day Saturday 15 May 10am to 2pm

It has been a busy and productive term and I continue to be thankful for many things. I am grateful for an incredible Primary staff who go above and beyond to bring our students the very best experience of learning they can. I am grateful for every one of our families who continue to trust us and partner with us every day and I am grateful that we have everything we need and that we will help each other. 

At this Easter time the hope of my heart is that you may know the deep love of our Father God through this season as we reflect on the true story of love, forgiveness and salvation that Jesus brought us. May you be blessed as you spend time together over the holidays.

Gail Mitchell – Head of Primary

Trust Him, rest in Him, He has us in His hands.

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