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The joy of giving

  • June 17, 2021

The joy of giving

Back in March, I wrote, “Five reasons to join GCC’s P and F” and I would like to add number six to that list: Do it for the joy of giving!

Our P and F work hard holding events to raise money for our students. Most of the time we hear about the events but often we don’t see the many ways they contribute to the College. Earlier this year the P and F had the opportunity to experience the joy of giving these funds to enhance the learning journey of our students. 

Here are some of their most recent purchases in response to teacher wishlists. 

Splat drawing tools for Year 3

Year 3 classes received a set of Splat drawing tools for each classroom. These tools help students in learning 3D drawing skills and will be used in design projects. Splat is made to support spatial ability and design thinking and is great for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). The students are having great fun using them already as you can see from the photos below.

DJ1 Osmo Mobile 3 Combo Kit

This item was purchased for the DeLorean Project to meet an ongoing need. The DeLorean team had been struggling for a couple of years on how best to document students’ journeys through the program, how to attract further mentorship from the community and how to increase engagement with parents and the College. The challenge is to allow students to access social media channels for their DeLorean Projects without breaching school rules regarding the use of phones in class or social media sites on their laptops. 

Into Connectors

The Library and Year 3 to 6 team leaders asked (and were granted) ‘Into Connectors’ for Middle School and Uppler Primary. These are already in full use and being enjoyed by the students.

A hothouse for experimental trials and seed-raising

This is going to be a wonderful addition to our Agricultural Science Studies and the students’ research. It is still in the process of being ordered but we will have photos as soon as they are available.

Custom-made tables for the Arts Courtyard

We are always on the lookout for additional seating so our students can enjoy lunch, friendship and learning areas outside the classroom. The Arts Courtyard is under-utilised and its shape means that tables would have to be custom-made. The project has been approved and the process is on a temporary hold as we work out what maximises the area and suits the overall look of the College.

“Who am I?” Board game in French

This small purchase of the famous board game in French will increase students’ conversational French in a fun way. The games are still being sourced but we know the students will enjoy them.

3 x Vernier LabQuest 2 Data Loggers

This may sound like you need a Science degree to understand it but it is a device used for STEM education to collect data. Three of them have been purchased for our Science students to collect data like temperatures, dissolved oxygen, salinity etc. and they are already in full use as you can see from the photo.

Soccer Goals for the Eastern Oval

Our Primary students are enjoying sports and playing on the eastern oval and these soccer goals will be a wonderful way to enhance their love of sports. They will be used every lunch break and after school for soccer team training. 

Weighted lap blanket and sensory tools including earmuffs

Our Learning Enhancement Department does a wonderful job and these tools will help support students who need assistance during times of stress. The tools will improve focus and concentration and increase access to the curriculum by creating a safe and comfortable learning environment. This will help all students to reach their learning potential.

C-Pen Reader

This little tool is a scanning, text-to-voice device to support students within the literacy program to experience success in reading and writing opportunities at school. It is a welcome addition to our Learning Enhancement Department. 

Soundfield Sound System

This system was installed by Hear Check, a Sunshine Coast-based audiology practice. Dr Tegan Keogh ran a 45-minute training session with Prep teachers one morning and installed all systems in all three Prep classes.

Hearing problems are quite common in children and it is sometimes hard to identify without a hearing check. Often there are no symptoms or pain for young children but fluid can be present in the ear making it difficult to hear clearly all of the sounds being taught in the early years. 

The system works by the Prep teachers wearing a microphone around their neck and the speaker can be placed where needed. Not only does it help students to listen but it saves our Prep teachers from wearing out their voices. Our Prep classes are large and it is important for all the students to hear instructions clearly. 

Prep Maroon is also trialling the system outdoors with huge success.

VR Headsets Oculus Quest 2 and Google Chromecast

The College Pastors run programs that help students build resilience and learn how to operate in a team. These tools help the students face their fears head-on. The programs develop thinking and provide problem-solving situations. High-risk and needs students will experience VR in closed settings to help them experience victory in life. These tools are used in pastoral spaces, large groups and during counselling sessions.

Thanks to our P and F

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the members of our P and F for embracing the joy of giving and providing these wonderful assets for our College. You can see what a difference this has made to a great number of our students! 

The P and F have organised a Colour Run on the last day of this term and I encourage you all to support it so you, in turn, can experience the joy of giving. 

Mike Curtis, Principal

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