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Five reasons to join GCC’s P and F

  • March 4, 2021

Five reasons to join GCC’s P and F

On Wednesday our P and F met in the library to discuss the plans for fundraisers, events and how to spend the money already raised through the various activities of 2019 and 2020. It was a really positive and productive meeting and I couldn’t help thinking that if more people knew how great these meetings were, more would attend. Here are five reasons to join GCC’s P and F. You may be surprised to learn that not all five reasons are altruistic. 

1. Do it for yourself. Studies show that people who volunteer are happier and actually experience a boost in their mental health. In my blog, ‘Five benefits of volunteering’ in August 2017 there were five other benefits which included gaining new experiences, helping others, becoming good role models, enjoying a sense of accomplishment, and building career options. 

2. Do it for your children. You would be surprised at the quiet pride and happiness your children feel knowing that you care enough to join the P and F. Your actions show your children that their education is important enough for you to become truly involved in an ongoing commitment of time and ideas. 

3. Do it for all the children. Your child benefits from your personal commitment to helping GCC through the P and F but all of the students benefit from the great work the P and F do for the College. Thanks to the P and F, our students enjoy the oval playground and stadium seats, dancing at the discos and holding safe ‘candles’ at Christmas concerts. The P and F have also sponsored road safety courses, ‘friendology’ programs, purchased a coffee van for the DeLorean Project, and much more. 

4. Do it for the mums and dads. I personally believe that our Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls have the best gifts money can buy. The quality, range and creativity of the products brings excitement to the children’s faces when they make their purchases and ensures that mums and dads are taken care of on their special days (even if they provided the funds themselves).

5. Do it for the fun. If you’ve been to a P and F Trivia night or joined in serving sausages at Open Day, you’ll know what fun it is to be involved in such events. We have a wonderful group of committed volunteers who join together to make GCC the best educational experience for all of our students. Being in the P and F enhances the sense of community we are blessed to have at GCC. 

Due to the school holidays, the next P and F Meeting isn’t until Wednesday 5 May at 6:30pm so there is plenty of time to pull out your calendars and mark in the following meeting dates:

Wednesday 5 May 6:30pm
Wednesday 2 June 6:30pm
Wednesday 4 August 6:30pm
Wednesday 1 September 6:30pm
Wednesday 6 october 6:30pm
Wednesday 3 october 6:30pm

Our families and College owe a debt of gratitude to the faithful people who have been serving on our P and F over many years. I would like to particularly thank Patti McNulty and Lynelle Sim who are stepping down after holding significant positions of responsibility on the P and F for a long time. These ladies have served with joy, dedication and a generosity of spirit that is typical of our wonderful P and F members. 

I look forward to seeing you at the next P and F meeting.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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