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Pretend Play in Prep (and a Request)

  • June 20, 2024

Pretend Play in Prep (and a Request)

Hasn’t the weather been amazing? These sunny days are perfect for playing outside with all our friends in the Prep playground during lunch breaks. The children have
really been enjoying playing in the beautiful cubby house in our playground, generously funded by the GCC P and F and expertly constructed by our GCC Maintenance Team.

On Fridays (or as we like to call them “Fun Fridays”) we have a morning of various activities for the three Prep classes to enjoy together. One of the highlights of this
time is using the cubby house in different ways.

Mostly this play space is a very well-appointed café, complete with al fresco dining, where you are able to purchase delicious food and tasty drinks for only a few “dollar
bucks”. At other times, this very adaptable resource can be transformed into other pretend play spaces. We have transformed this play area into a carpentry workshop,
a mechanic workshop and even a veterinary practice! There are plans in the future to investigate creating a pet shop, creating a daycare centre for our baby dolls, or a
doctor’s surgery, with white coats, stethoscopes and bandages.

Holidays are a wonderful time to declutter your own home. If your children have grown older and no longer need any sturdy, clean toys you think might work well for
us to build into our pretend play resources, or have some ideas to suggest, please get in touch with the Prep Team. We would love to continue to make this play space
super enjoyable and fun.

Happy holidays!

Heather Dodwell, Prep Team Leader

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