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Hatching Chicks in Prep

The Prep classes have had the joy of hatching chicks in each of our classrooms this term. Henny Penny Hatchings is a company that delivers incubators, eggs, two-day-old chicks, clear-sided pens, and everything needed to hatch and care for baby chickens. We had eggs that were timed to hatch every few days. The children were […]

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Celebrating 100 Days of Prep

The children spent the day commemorating their 100 days of Prep with boundless enthusiasm and creativity. Immersed in a world of imagination, they crafted splendid crowns, dazzling necklaces, and quirky glasses, each adorned with the emblematic number 100. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as they engaged in activities themed around this momentous milestone. Heather Dodwell,

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Prep Cubby House Warming

What an auspicious occasion to conclude Semester One at Prep 2023. A Grand Opening! How very grand. Speeches, VIP guests, AND celebratory cupcakes. Yumbo! Thank you so much to the GCC P&F for funds for the project, and to Mrs Charleson, Mrs Macpherson, and Mrs Masterson from the P&F for joining us and cutting the

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Prep “Buddy Time”

One of the loveliest things we do in Prep is “Buddy Time”. A Year 6 class is paired with a Prep class and each of the Prep children has one, or sometimes two, special big friends matched with them. Once a fortnight or so, the Year 6 classes come to each Prep room and spend

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