Year 8 Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 8 Camp

  • June 18, 2024

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp was a week-long trip to Mapleton QCCC, participating in a variety of activities, led by qualified instructors and designed to challenge our Year 8’s.  From tackling challenging obstacles to celebrating achievements, our students demonstrated their determination, resilience, and a spirit of camaraderie throughout the adventure. Students stayed in tents for two nights.  The other two nights were in cabins. Some highlights were watching the State of Origin as a whole grade, having a swim in the pools with slides, the Giant Swing and making closer friends.

 Let’s hear from the students themselves about camp.

What was the biggest challenge for you on camp and how did you deal with it?

“The height activities was the biggest challenge on camp and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone”
“The flying fox, and I just did it and the teachers on the top helped me with it”
“The giant swing-  I stopped listening to my fear”
“The cold was horrible so I put heaps of clothes on”
“Giant swing because I am terrified of heights but I knew I’d only get one go at it so I did it”
“BAB (build a bridge) was challenging but we worked together and in the end, it was OK”

What did you learn from camp?

“Togetherness and hanging out with new friends and people and knowing more about my friends”
“To deal with the challenges life gives you.”
“How to tie knots, how to canoe and how to build a bridge with rope barrels and planks.”
“To be patient”
“How to set up a different type of tent.”
“To work as a team”
“Becoming closer to different people. Seeing a different side of people you don’t get to see at school”

Helen Douglas, Year 8 Coordinator

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety HERE.

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