Year 10 Multicultural Luncheon - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 10 Multicultural Luncheon

  • June 20, 2024

Year 10 Multicultural Luncheon

Step into the vibrant world of the Year 10 Multicultural Luncheon, where students transformed into culinary artists, crafting a two-course meal for their honoured
guests. The Year 10 students selected parents, staff and fellow students to indulge in a culinary journey across various cultures.

For these young chefs it was more than just cooking, they immersed themselves in researching global cultures and cuisines, perfecting their cooking techniques and
presenting a meal showcasing different ingredients. The challenge? To get all the meals out on time and managing the cleanup. They gained invaluable experience in
time management and insight into the real world of hospitality and business operations.

They all did a great job, and all the guests enjoyed their food. It was a testament to their hard work and passion for sharing cultural richness through food.

Julie Peters, Head of Hospitality

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