Secondary Sports Report: Term 2 - Glasshouse Christian College

Secondary Sports Report: Term 2

  • June 20, 2024

Secondary Sports Report: Term 2

Welcome to the Secondary Sports Report for Term 2! As we reflect on an action-packed term, it’s also time to look ahead to the remaining sports dates for 2024. This report highlights the achievements and upcoming events that our students have been involved in and will be participating in. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights:

  1. Remaining sport dates for 2024
  2. GCC Secondary Cross Country
  3. Secondary District Cross Country
  4. GCC Secondary Athletics Carnival
  5. Independant District Track and Field
  6. Regional Track & Field
  7. Students selected for district trials
  8. SCISSA Senior Soccer
  9. SCISSA Volleyball and Grand Finals
  10. Term 3 SCISSA Touch Football team lists
  11. Sunshine Coast Netball competition wrap up.
  12. UHL cup soccer
  13. Intermediate Volleyball Schools Cup
  14. SCUBA diving
  15. Upcoming Mountain bike competition
  16. Equestrian
  17. Friday sport – Term 3

Read the full report HERE.

Matthew Beattie, Head of Sport and HPE

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