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Will it rain on Open Day?

  • May 10, 2022

Will it rain on Open Day?

In the history of Glasshouse Christian College Open Days, we’ve had probably only one that was a little damp back in 2017. May is typically a beautifully sunny and dry month but, as we’ve seen so far, 2022 has been anything but typical.

However, with the unseasonal wet weather we’ve experienced since the beginning of the year, staff members have been anxiously checking the long range weather forecasts and many prayers have gone up for lovely weather in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. Will it rain on Open Day?

We are praying for a dry day which seems like a miracle this week but we know our God created the heavens with His fingertips (Psalm 8) so this would be an easy job for Him. However, we don’t know God’s plans – only that they are far higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9), so we really don’t know if it will rain on Open Day. 

What we do know is that if it does rain on Open Day it will still be an enjoyable fun day out for the family. Here are five reasons why:

1. Open Day will go ahead rain, shine or hail.

You can rest assured that Open Day will not be cancelled or postponed due to a few drops of rain.

2. None of the performances will be affected.

Almost all of our performances will happen in GPAC (Glasshouse Performing Arts Centre) and OLA (Outside Learning Area). Both venues are undercover and not at the mercy of the elements.

3. Eat undercover. 

We will have lots of marquees up on the library lawn so you can still enjoy lunch with friends in comfort. The collection of food trucks and food offerings will rival anything ever seen in Beerwah. Here is the list:

  • Donut Kitchen – an old favourite with good reason!
  • Calamari Canteen – perfect weather for hot seafood.
  • Neshama – this is where you purchase your loaded fries and southern style chicken.
  • Twisted Toppings – new to GCC in 2022 this vendor sells woodfired pizzas to warm you up.
  • GCC’s Tuckshop – offering favourite food and drinks at great prices.
  • P and F’s sausage sizzle stand is also selling delicious hamburgers.
  • Mr Whippy – because ice cream is yummy no matter what the weather.
  • Bumblebean Coffee – new to GCC in 2022 but you can’t have enough good coffee.
  • Student Voice – selling slushies and raising money for our Compassion children. 
  • Hospitality students – selling coffee and slices in the GPAC foyer.

4. Free activities.

Some of the activities could be slightly soggier but there are wet weather plans for everything. If the weather puts off a few people then it will mean that there will be shorter queues for the popular activities. 

5. Kill two birds with one stone.

You have to go out to vote anyway so grab your brolly and embrace the adventure. Voting isn’t fun in any weather so liven up your day by attending GCC’s 2022 Open Day.

Will it rain on Open Day? Come along and find out!

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