Hand in Hand parenting tip #4 - Glasshouse Christian College

Hand in Hand parenting tip #4

  • May 12, 2022

Hand in Hand parenting tip #4

I hope all our mums, grandmas and all female caregivers had a lovely day last Sunday, celebrating ‘MUMS’. Even if you are not a ‘mum’, caring for a child is an enormous responsibility, so days like last Sunday are important for the children to thank the significant female in their lives, who cares for them. Dads – it’s your turn in September.

In our family, we don’t do gifts, as such, on these important days. The children made something at school for us, which is always lovely because it was made from the heart. We always spent the day with ‘Mum’ (or Dad on his day) doing nothing. They didn’t cook, clean, make cuppas, drive children anywhere or do anything at all (where possible). It was truly a day of rest and spending time with our children (and some ‘ME’ time). This is not always easy to do in our busy lives, especially where hardly anyone works just a nine to five job, Monday to Friday. 

If not on an allocated day like Mother’s and Father’s Day, make another time where the children can look after you (age appropriately, of course). It is good for the children to see and experience what you do every single day for them. It may help them appreciate you a little more.

Until next time……

 Tanya Lindsay

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