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Why study French – your ticket to the world

  • June 9, 2020

Why study French – your ticket to the world

French Around the World 

The College library has a great display on the topic of Francophonie, the French-Speaking World. Make sure to check out the display, and while in the library, why not borrow some of the French books or resources that are on display as well. 

The French-Speaking World display is a great reminder for all College students and families how lucky we are to have the opportunity to study French as a foreign language from Prep to Year 12. Learning a language is a skill for life –  it makes us smarter, it has a huge positive impact on our English skills, and it improves our cultural awareness and appreciation. French as a subject also enhances hugely study opportunities and employability in the future.

Facts about French: 

  • French is spoken around the world, not only in France
  • It is a language spoken on every continent
  • It is the 5th most spoken language in the world
  • It is a language of diplomacy, travel, culture, business and science
  • It is the most studied foreign language in the world

French – as easy as A,B,C…

It’s easy – many words are similar to English

  • Une langue – language
  • Une table – a table
  • Le weekend – weekend
  • Le bus – a bus
  • L’entrée – entry
  • La reception – reception
  • Une carte postale – a post card

Watch the video and see what Cerys and Maddie talk about regarding the benefits of French.

Tuija Hast, Head of LOTE

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