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My university course – by Jarrett Coulson

  • June 9, 2020

My university course – by Jarrett Coulson

Hi, my name is Jarrett Coulson. I am a Year 6 student and I have a passion for coding. I have completed two university courses on building apps. I am doing the course because I want to stretch my brain and code an app. I have also really wanted to make my own digital game! I did APP1x from the start of Term 4 last year and finished it at the end of last year. I also did APP2x from Term 1 Week 6 to Term 2 Week 5.

Mike, Jarrett and his mum, Vanessa.

In APP1x, in the first lesson, I jumped straight into coding, building a small app that changed background colour when a button was pressed. This was very exciting to be able to create an app so early on in the course. Throughout the rest of the course I learnt about, the if-else statement, looping, Interface Builder, the Developer Documentation and functions. I also learnt about different views, such as UIView, UILabel, UIImageView, UIButton, UITextView, and so on. These views represent different items on the interface.

In APP2x, I learnt about saving data, moving between different screens, and then I started interacting with AR (augmented reality). I built two apps with AR, and then I learned how to animate objects. After learning how to animate objects, I then learnt how to interact with the web and retrieve text and images from the internet.

The biggest challenge in doing these courses were probably the quizzes. This is because the quizzes were the hardest part in each module and some of those quizzes had some really tricky questions in them. My favourite thing about the courses was being able to learn things I had wanted to learn for a really long time and also the challenge that it presented. The second course especially was really tricky. It has been a fun adventure.

Jarrett Coulson, Year 6

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