The Quest Tournament 2020 - Glasshouse Christian College

The Quest Tournament 2020

  • November 12, 2020

The Quest Tournament 2020

On Thursday 22 and Friday 23 of October, 12 of our Year 3 – 6 Primary Honour students and three of our Year 7 High School students participated in The Regional Quest Tournament at the Sunshine Coast. Representing Glasshouse Christian College were five teams containing three students in each team. 

Year 3 – Cooper Beven, Jacob Ferrari, Charlotte Collins
Year 4 – Indigo Hetherington, Micah Matthews-Frederick, Oliver Laurens
Year 5/6 – Abi Viney, Matthew O’Shea, Lillian Smyth
Year 5/6 –  Tim Ford, Archie Cruise, Amali Grieve
Year 7 – Elizabeth Walters, Josh Ford, Aimee Cullen

Working within these teams, students spent two days participating in problem-solving challenges in the learning areas of Mathematics, Science and Humanities. The first day was a preparation day involving students rotating through activities in the three learning areas where they learnt the skills and techniques necessary for the challenges. On the second day, in a similar rotating system, students participated in the Quest Challenges based on the learning that occurred the day before. By completing the Quest Challenge, students were able to practice teamwork and cooperation while gaining an understanding of complex topics that provide depth to their current schoolwork. All student who participated had the opportunity to challenge boundaries, expand their insights and gain confidence in their own learning abilities.

All students worked hard and did extremely well. One of our Year 5/6 teams including Abi Viney, Matthew O’Shea and Lillian Smyth made it through to The Quest State Finals. The State Finals were a one-day event held on Saturday 7 November at the University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus. The students participated in challenges similar to the format of the preliminary competition and rotated through various activities in the three learning areas, Humanities, Sciences and Mathematics. The students worked well as a team and gave their best effort. Unfortunately, they did not place at the national finals but should be proud of all they achieved.

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