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Hannah and Izaac win top awards

  • November 12, 2020

Hannah and Izaac win top awards

The very best Primary athletes were rewarded for their efforts at the GCC Sports Awards Evening recently. Hannah Gassner and Izaac Kwarcianyi were awarded the highest Primary sporting award of Sportswomen and Sportsman of the Year. 

It was great to be able to celebrate the sport that happened over the year with several highlights being celebrated. All the Age Champions in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics received trophies and the Most Valuable Players from Interschool Softball were also honoured. The softball MVP winners were: A Boys – Cooper Rana, B Boys – Charlie Geeves, A Girls – Claire Broderick and B Girls – Liana Boss.

Silver and Bronze awards were presented to students who have participated and competed in School Sport competitions throughout the year. Points are awarded for each activity and totalled to find Gold, Silver and Bronze Awardees. There were less of these awards this year with just eight bronze medals and three silver medals presented to Primary students. Congratulations to the following students: 

Primary Bronze Award Recipients –

Sophie Doyle
Breeanna Aldridge
Ava Scott
Nate Coumi
Carter Clark
Roman Irvine
Dalton Loveday 
Lily Short

Primary Silver Award Recipients – 

Hannah Gassner
Izaac Kwarcianyi
Ashton van Straton

Lily Short was honoured for becoming the Queensland Interschool Primary State Champion and was presented with her impressive trophy.

The Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Awards were very close this year with just one point separating the winner and the runner up in both the Girls and Boys award. 

Hannah Gassner became Sportswoman of the Year by playing Interschool softball and playing hockey at District, Regional and State level. She was also the 12 Girls Athletics Age Champion and is always keen to join every sports team available. Lily Short was just one point behind Hannah with her involvement in Equestrian throughout the year.

Izaac Kwarcianyi became Sportsman of the Year and is the first nine year old to win this award! He broke three records at the Athletics Carnival, won his Cross Country by a huge margin and placed second overall at the Swimming Carnival. Izaac swam at the District Swimming Carnival and was selected in the Cross Country and Athletics honorary teams. He has also regularly attended Early Morning Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country training. Just one point behind Izaac was Ashton van Straton.

It was great to have family members present to celebrate the sporting achievements of our students. Jason Akermanis entertained us with his AFL stories and inspired students to always do their best in the sport they are passionate about despite hurdles that may arise along the way. 

It was great to be able to celebrate the sporting achievements of our students as they are dedicated to training and achieving their best in their chosen sports.

Wendy Stott

GCC Families can see all the photos on Pixevety in the album below and even download a high-resolution photo for printing:
Sports Awards Night 2020 album

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