Outdoor Classroom Day - Glasshouse Christian College

Outdoor Classroom Day

  • November 12, 2020

Outdoor Classroom Day

While the weather was warming up, the Year 1 (Wondrous) Workers were keen to get outside for some different learning experiences and to participate in Outdoor Classroom Day.

The teachers organised fun-filled different activities for their classes and we had such fun that we are eager to do it over again.

We were mindful of the sun, but as there were so many lovely shady areas, we were able to be out and about for an extended time.

A highlight was visiting the new outdoor Chapel in our grounds. It is a very special place to honour God. Other activities included chalk drawings, painting on the fence, shadow play, pine cone character making and reading in the fresh air. Enjoy browsing our photos! You can see a lot of them on Pixevety here and here.

Lin Smith

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