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The Physics Cup – what a ride!

  • September 15, 2022

The Physics Cup – what a ride!

Year 7 has been exploring the world of physics in STEM this term, investigating the forces that make our world ‘turn’ and the simple machines that help us harness these forces, such as levers, wheel and axles, screws, and pulleys.

Their newfound knowledge would soon come to good use with the cohort travelling to Aussie World to participate in the Physics Cup!

Groups of Year 7 students combined their talents to search for simple machines and the forces they employed in the rides at Aussie World. From the pulleys in the Bombora Bounce, to the electromagnetic forces at the Bumper Cars, students gained points by finding and explaining the forces and machines involved.

As an added twist, teams could only gain the points if the team dared go on the ride where the force or machine was found. Many of our Year 7s overcame their fears to take one for the team.

After all was said, done and ridden, a winning team was announced, with a whopping 42 Physics Cup Points!

Congratulations to Samson Pettingill, Sienna Warry, Michaela Dunford, Charlotte Ramke, and Mia Farrugia, whose names will be immortalised on the Physics Cup, receive a free celebratory luncheon at Café De Coco (Year 7’s in-house café), and the chance to defend their title.

May the forces be with you.

Larry McKeown, Year 7 Coordinator

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