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Term 3 2019 – A warm welcome back to school

  • July 25, 2019

Term 3 2019 – A warm welcome back to school

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our families returning to school this week and especially to new families joining us for the first time. We hope that you will feel most welcome and we are delighted to have you join our GCC community.

CSA Queensland State Conference – Staff Professional Development
For a stimulating and informative start to Term 3 all staff members had the opportunity in Week 0 to attend the Christians Schools Association (CSA) Queensland State Conference. The keynote address by Dr Robert Loe was outstanding. Dr Robert Loe is the Director of the Relational Schools Foundation. Having worked in education for over eighteen years with a range of leadership roles in schools throughout Essex and Cambridgeshire, Dr Loe founded the Relational Schools Project in 2014. The main message focused on how to better build ‘relational capital and capability in the lives of students, teachers, families and communities.’

Grandparents Day
The great start to the term cannot be completely overshadowed by the exceptional end to Term 2 with Grandparents Day held in the last week of school. The bad weather cleared and we were blessed with a beautiful day, a deliciously scrumptious morning tea provided by our hospitality students, a delightful concert and an amazing performance by nearly six hundred Primary students who sang and then shared a very special poem with the grandparents. The book display in the library, the photo booth stations and the wonderful classroom activities added to the delight of the day. A huge thank you to all our grandparents who attended, many of whom travelled long distances to be there on the day. Also, thank you to the amazing team at GCC for making the day so memorable. All the photo and videos are available here.

Holiday School Trips
During the school holidays, many of our students travelled to different destinations with the Arts Tour heading to Sydney, the Orchestra Trip to Singapore and the Ski Trip to New Zealand. The importance of these trips and the benefits for both our students and teachers is immeasurable. These experiences have provided a unique and rewarding learning opportunity for our students, opening their eyes to the world around them and broadening their world view. They have had the chance to create, collaborate and communicate with others as well as develop skills, while at the same time, establish new and strong friendships.

Tips on how to start the new term well
Starting the new term feeling fresh and organised will stand our students in good stead for the term to come. Here are a few tips that might help them feel more prepared and ready to take on the term with confidence.

  1. Set up a study routine
    Never underestimate the value of a routine, especially when it comes to school work and study time. Try to set aside a specific time for learning and revision and stick to it if possible.
  2. Set positive, realistic goals for the term
    Setting goals helps students to stay focused and be intentional about their learning. Reminding students to set realistic goals that are specific and achievable is important. The effort that is going to be required to achieve the goals is another aspect to be discussed and determined.
  3. Find a good study space
    Creating a designated area for study helps with focused learning and limits distractions. Choosing a place where students feel comfortable is important.
  4. Manage time wisely
    When students don’t have too much on, encourage them to use their time wisely to get ahead and their workload will feel manageable.

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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