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Buranga Camp

  • July 31, 2019

Buranga Camp

Buranga Camp adventures and challenges….

Buranga Camp is a special camp where a small group of Year 6 students from a variety of independent schools from the Sunshine Coast come together to explore an area of passion. There are a range of different subject areas for students to be involved in, from art and choral to technology and science. The theme for the event was ‘The Future is in our Hands’.
In the science group we got to make sherbet. When you put the sherbet in your mouth, it starts to react and your mouth feels like it is getting bigger. We also investigated Ph levels of different liquids, which means their acidic and alkaline levels. Then we learnt about DNA and RNA. We extracted DNA out of an onion. It was amazing to look at the DNA under a microscope. Buranga Camp was really fun and I really enjoyed it. 

By Will Dellaway

At Buranga Camp, I was in the art group where we made a skateboard deck design. First, we had to spray paint over the deck. Then we added our main design to our deck and coloured it in. We had to use geometric shapes and zentangle outside or inside our design. After we finished our board we coloured plastic bottles and cut them into spirals which we then hung on a tree to create a piece of art using recycled materials. When the light reflects on the bottles it creates a cool rainbow that bounces on the walls. In the evening we had a trivia quiz and we came third.
The 2-day camp ended with an expo showcasing everyone’s different creations to parents and teachers. 
We had a good time socialising with Year 6s from other schools and working on our projects. We all had a great time at Buranga Camp doing activities in our special area of interest that pushed us out of our comfort zones. 

By Flynn Caust

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