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Year 6 science fun!

  • July 31, 2019

Year 6 science fun!

Last week’s science incursion was definitely one to remember. It had so many different activities to choose from and all of them were so good!

The Lego Mindstorms battle arena which also included a station that you could upgrade the base model of a small army tank was awesome fun. There was also a drone flying simulator where you had a remote plugged into a computer via a USB port which controlled the drone on the screen. It also had a virtual reality station with three different tracks: a roller coaster on a desert island, a roller coaster on a tropical Island with piranhas, and one where you were in a minecart going through an abandoned mine with lots of twists and turns.

After we had visited all the different activities, the director of the incursion, Peter May, gathered all the students in the middle of the room and he got out his tiny drone which was a bit smaller than a DVD disc. He also had some special goggles that you put on and you could see what the drone sees as it flies.

This incursion was definitely great fun and was a fantastic way to learn about science.

By Josh Ford, Year 6 student

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