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Senior School News

  • July 25, 2019

Senior School News

Welcome back to all students, but in particular our Seniors. Term 3 is always a huge term and being just nine weeks this year means we will be especially busy.

Visit by Andrew Powell MP – Member for Glass House
Andrew Powell was our guest speaker on Assembly today. It was a wonderful presentation to our Year 11 and 12 students and helped them understand how fortunate we are to live under the political system we have.

Joyce Newton OAM Memorial Bursary
Mr Andrew Powell presented this special award to Jessica Perro in Year 12. The award included a $1000 gift voucher as well as dinner at Parliament. Mr Powell will also read her research essay in Parliament. This is a wonderful achievement by Jessica and she is commended for her work. Jessica was required to write on “What is the value of the many small businesses and farmers in the seat of Glass House and what is their importance to the State of Queensland?” See more here

Reports and Diligence Certificates
Each term we analyse the reports and the results obtained by our students. I am very pleased with the overall work effort of our students. We reward those who get “Very Good” in effort in all or all but one of their subjects with a Diligence Certificate. Approximately one in three students received a Diligence Certificate presented by Andrew Powell. With such a high proportion of diligent, hard-working students it means that there is a strong positive peer pressure among our students to achieve their best. 
Students who are awarded an ‘I’ – ‘Intervention required’ or get three or more ‘N’s – ‘Need to improve’ will be required to meet with me and discuss their work, their effort and/or behaviour. We need to consider what we can put in place for these students who are not working to their potential. See photos below.

Notes to Students
Year 12 – This is your final term before your work gets sent to Panel for Verification. You will have an assignment and examination in most of your subjects. Plan your term carefully so you don’t fall behind. Those going for an OP will also have two days of QCS exams in Week 7. Consider carefully your workload and if you have a part-time job, think carefully before you take on any extra shifts. Don’t forget to attend the GCC Careers night on Wednesday and the information session on QTAC applications.
Year 11 – You are in the final half of Unit 2 in all your subjects. From next term, all work is summative and counts towards your ATAR. The work you do in Unit 1 & 2 still counts towards your QCE. Make sure this term you are in the subjects that help you on your chosen career pathway. Changing subjects from Term 4 is virtually impossible. The GCC Careers Expo on Wednesday will be very useful to you as well as you consider your career pathway.
Year 10 – This is your final term before you commence the first unit of the new senior curriculum. Make sure that you have chosen the correct subjects for your chosen career pathway as well. You also have a huge career focus this term. You will have attended the Sunshine Coast Careers Expo and I also encourage you to visit the various Open Days for tertiary institutions as well. This term you will have an interview to generate your SET plan as well as mock interviews to help prepare you for those inevitable job interviews you will soon have to face. Wednesday evening there is an information session on the SET Plan process. Make sure you attend!

GCC Careers Expo and Information Night – Wednesday 31 July
On Wednesday we have our GCC Careers Expo. We are expecting 27 displays from various tertiary institutions and others who will help students to choose a career pathway. We will also be having an information session for Year 12 on how to complete the QTAC application form as well as one for Year 10 on the SET Plan process. Please make every effort to attend this evening.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School 

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