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Rescuing children

  • August 25, 2022

Rescuing children

On Tuesday, 16 August all of the Senior and Middle School took a stand against human trafficking. In both Chapel services, students stood rather sitting to recognise those around the world that face this horrible situation every day.  Students and staff also purchased t-shirts and gave monetary donations in order to rescue one girl. 

The truth is over 1 million children around the globe are involved in sex trafficking. The organisation we partnered with is called Destiny Rescue which is based on the Sunshine Coast. Destiny Rescue saves girls overseas in partnership with the local police via raids, border operations and undercover covert rescues.  In 2021, Destiny rescued 2386 individuals from this slavery. Over 70% of the rescued girls were minors meaning they were the ages of our students. In addition to the rescues, 147 people were arrested for their involvement.

Destiny Rescue operates in Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines, Uganda and other undisclosed locations. These children are stolen and/or sold into this lifestyle that they never exit because of the physical and emotional abuse that leads to their early death. It costs Destiny Rescue $1800 to free one child from this reality. 

The Faith and Community Leaders of 2022 decided this reality was unfair so they set out to raise awareness and funds for one individual’s freedom. It turns out that Senior and Middle School raised $5,500 freeing three children. One class (9M) all by themselves, raised over $1000. My hope is that our students continue to rescue more children every year.  This cause, I believe, is being the light of the world and pushing back the darkness.

Sydney Moore, College Pastor

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

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