National Science Week 2022 - Glasshouse Christian College

National Science Week 2022

  • August 25, 2022

National Science Week 2022

On Wednesday morning 17 August, the Year 11 UQ Science ambassadors namely, Jonah Capps; Arno Mens; Amelia Siddans and Emily Hall, organised a number of experiments to demonstrate to the Primary school students.

The four UQ Science Ambassadors demonstrated the ‘chilling effect’ of liquid Nitrogen on various items such as oranges; watermelon; a balloon; and a plastic ball. The students were amazed that a banana could be transformed into a hammer that could be used to hit a nail into a piece of wood.

Jonah Capps demonstrated the hair-raising effects of the Van der Graaf generator. A number of brave victims (I mean volunteers) wilfully risked being mildly zapped by this static-producing device. It definitely ended up a hair-raising experience for these volunteers.

A big thanks must go to the Year 11 UQ Science Ambassadors for organising and running the seven, twenty-minute shows throughout the morning.

Fenton Doolan, Head of Science

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety

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