Principal's Blog 14 September 2018 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Blog 14 September 2018

  • September 13, 2018

Principal’s Blog 14 September 2018

No supervision for children before 8am: Parents this is a reminder that there is no general playground supervision for students provided by the College before 8am. Students who are here before that time and are not under the direct supervision of either our Out of Hours Care Program (Helping Hands) or for sports training, band rehearsal etc are here on the property at their own risk.

The same also applies after 3:30pm.

Students riding through the College and on scooters to and from the bus

This is something we are taking up from our end but are also asking parents to remind your children that they are not allowed to ride their bikes in the school grounds. They must walk their bikes through the campus until they have left the College property completely.

Likewise, students are not permitted to ride their scooters from the bus into the College grounds, nor from the grounds and to the bus set down area.

Merging too quickly from the Kiss and Go lane

I was out at the Kiss and Go lane last Friday and I noticed that significant hold ups seemed to be caused by parents collecting their children from the Kiss and Go and then proceeding to merge with the main through flow of the traffic immediately. This meant that any further access to the rest of the Kiss and Go lane was blocked and it caused further bottlenecks “downstream”.

Much of this problem could have been alleviated if motorists still moved up as far as they could in the Kiss and Go lane before merging into the adjacent through traffic lane. This procedure would still mean that most of the Kiss and Go lane could still be accessed. The fact that you may enter the main traffic lane sooner does not mean that you will be entering Roberts Rd sooner.

If you are a motorist in the main traffic lane it would be much appreciated if you could allow people to enter the lane from the Kiss and Go lane as much as possible. I know it can be quite a traffic jam out there. Cars that are stranded at a 45 degree angle while waiting their turn to enter the main traffic lane benefits no one.

Trivia night a huge success

A huge thanks to the P and F, Mark and Alaina Westaway and everyone who helped make Saturday night’s Trivia night such a big success. It was great to see how many students got involved this year as well. This year the theme was movies and there were plenty of questions and cryptic clues to test our grey matter. A special congratulations to many of the tables that put in an extraordinary effort with their costumes and table decorations. Even the food at the table was in character!

There were a great many movies represented including the Wizard of Oz (a full Year 12 table), Grease, Moana, The Emoji movie, The Great Gatsby, Robin Hood and the Avengers just to name a few. Some teams took a more generic approach by representing all Westerns and then there was the Classic Movies table complete with their own black and white movie loop.

The most popular round was the “Name that tune” where teams had to match the music to the movie it came from. As always our quiz master Mark Westaway did a wonderful job of balancing the hard and the easy questions so that everyone in the team had something to contribute.

It was a superb night and it was great to see the GCC community coming together for no other reason than to have fun together.

Mike Curtis, Principal

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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