Preps visit Woolworths - Glasshouse Christian College

Preps visit Woolworths

  • September 13, 2018

Preps visit Woolworths

All three Prep classes had the opportunity to visit our local Woolies here in Beerwah for a Fresh Food Discovery Tour. The children were given special aprons and hats to wear and we all had to put on hair nets for hygiene purposes. First we went in to the bakery where the children saw a machine that turned the big piece of dough into bread rolls. Each child then got their hands full of flour as they had a chance to roll a ball of dough. It was so soft! Then we went to see the deli, and then went out the back to the cold storage and saw a machine with claws that flattens cardboard boxes to get them ready for recycling. They learnt about a rainbow of fruit and veggies and saw how much produce Woolies sells in one day! To end off the tour the children got to eat colourful fruit and vegetables. Each child was given a goodie bag and then we walked back to school. A great time was had by all – and the children learnt a lot!

Lynette Putzier

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