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Escape Room Challenge

  • September 13, 2018

Escape Room Challenge

Solving clues can be a lot of fun, especially when you join with a few friends and take on the challenge together. Escape Rooms have become very popular, popping up all over the country as excited teams scramble to solve the ‘unsolvable’… to ‘escape the room’. This was certainly true for our secondary students during Book Week season in the Library. Twice as many teams nominated this year compared to last year, so the competition was a little fiercer and it certainly took a bit more time calculating the final results. Clues and riddles were puzzled over and gradually solved and clocks carefully watched until the final lock was opened to exit the room (media suites).

Congratulations to all the participants for working with your team and giving it a go! Thank you to all those who helped with final preparations and spurred Mrs Morris on toward the best escape rooms yet!  

The winners and runners up for this year’s Escape Room Challenge are:

Team Time
Middle School Winners Charlie Bidgood, Joshua McKellar and Bryce Sambrook (Year 7)  20m 58s
Middle School Runners Up Scott Roy and Aden Draper (Year 8)  23m 57s
Senior School Winners Brooke White, Ellen Robinson (Year 12) Rachael Griffiths and Paige Thompson (Year 10)  15m 30 s
Senior School Runners Up Casey Woods, Penelope Clifford and Tyler Rees (Year 11)  17m 5s

Prize winners will receive their prizes before the end of term – well done for setting the bar so high for next year’s competitors.

Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarian

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