Clean up Club Term 3 - Glasshouse Christian College

Clean up Club Term 3

  • September 17, 2018

Clean up Club Term 3

What an amazing term it has been for Clean up Club. The club has been working tirelessly each week to make sure our school is looking beautiful and clean. This term the club had 50 members turn up regularly each week. Approximately 30 students from Year 3 and about 20 students from Year 4. The students came each week with an eagerness to participate and an enthusiasm for serving the school. The Year 3 students came at second break on Wednesday and the Year 4 students came on Thursday 2nd break.

To celebrate the success of the Clean up Club this term and to thank the students for all of their hard work, a celebration afternoon was held for club members. Students came to 3G for a dance party, popcorn and treats, funny photos and to watch a series of photos to reminisce on the term that had past. The students had a ball at the celebration afternoon and left with full bellies and big smiles.

It is a joy to lead Clean up Club and I am very proud of all of the students’ efforts in making our school a wonderful and beautiful place.

Sarah Jennings

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