Principal's Address 5.9.14 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 5.9.14

  • September 3, 2014

Principal’s Address 5.9.14

This last fortnight saw us battling the elements with plenty of rain – good for some farms and gardens but not so good for planned events.  I was very impressed with the calm and enthusiastic manner in which staff, students and parents navigated the necessary changes required for events to either run under wet circumstances or be postponed for another day.

Book Parade

As our last newsletter went to print the Book Parade was taking place.

Congratulations everyone for once again getting into the spirit of things in such a wonderful way. I know it takes a lot of time and creativity to put these costumes together but the results are certainly worth it. It is a busy time of the year for our teachers so I was impressed with how they also went the extra mile to come up with some fantastic costumes.

It’s times like Book Parade when it becomes obvious that our teachers are a caring team of professionals committed to providing the best possible educational experience for our students.

I would like to especially thank Vanessa, Beryl and the whole library team for the endless enthusiasm and passion they have approached Book Week with. All of the activities have been very successful. Be sure to have a look at the photos (by clicking here) and see if you can spot your favourite book character.

SHINE on the Arts Evening

The rain did not stop our SHINE on the Arts evening from going ahead.  Our students’ creative talents were literally SHINING in the rain.  The displays of art, dance, drama and music were a testament to the fantastic arts programs we run here at the College and show the level of dedication of the teachers and staff.

Due to the wet weather, we had to make some very last minute changes to locations of stages and displays. However, due to the creative talents of staff and students, the end result was an environment full of sparkle and atmosphere. Please click here to see photos from the night.

Farm Fantastic

The following Saturday morning saw our GCCC Dance Troupes performing again but this time at the VERY wet Farm Fantastic.  Thankfully, our students were undercover and were able to perform their dances before the really terrible weather set in.  I would like to congratulate Stacey Whyte and the students on very polished performances in less than favourable circumstances and also thank them for all the extra time and effort they put into practices.

If you attended Farm Fantastic you may have come across our College’s stand in the QSEC Indoor Arena.  I would like to sincerely thank the ladies who manned our stand in the windy and chilly conditions.

Prep to Year 3 Athletics Carnival

After being postponed due to weather, last Friday we were able to finally hold our Prep to Year 3 Athletics Carnival.  It was a glorious sunny day filled with fun, hard work and excitement.  Team colours stood out brightly and proudly and the shouts of encouragement could be heard from afar.  Our parents, volunteers and P and F are such a blessing to us during these kinds of events so thank you to all of you for your wonderful support, assistance and enthusiasm. There is more information later on in the newsletter and you can click here to see the photos.

Year 12s QCS

This week our Year 12 students have sat their Queensland Core Skills tests.  This is the time of year where are Year 12s are doing some serious thinking about their future options for next year, whether it be Uni, TAFE, apprenticeships, working or a gap year.  Our prayers are with the students as they make these choices over the coming months.

The students began each day with hearty breakfast.

Inspiring speaker challenges Secondary students

One of the highlights of the last fortnight was a combined Middle and Senior School chapel where Reggie Dabbs was the guest speaker. Reggie is ranked as the number one public school speaker in America by the American National Education Association but he has a strong connection with Australia and this was his 20th visit to the land of Oz.

Reggie’s mum fell pregnant with him as a teenager and ended up living in a chicken coop in Tennessee. It was here that she remembered the kind offer of a former school teacher (Mrs Dabbs) who told her students to contact her if they ever needed help. Reggie’s mum did just that and the Dabbs ended up adopting Reggie, instilling in him strong values and teaching him that he had choices to make in life.

After College, Reggie became a public speaker with a special focus on high school students. Reggie uses his humour and history to communicate important truths to his audience.

At GCCC’s chapel Reggie randomly chose a female student and asked her name. When he found out her name was Paige, Reggie spent the assembly teaching the students about the pages in his life, the ups and downs. He also told the students that they have pages in their life yet to be written and Jesus can change the pages in their life and help them make good choices.

Reggie plays the saxophone (although he hated it as a child) and uses music as part of his message, reminding students that can never change their past but they can change their future.

Prep Fathers’ Night

This time it was my turn to attend the Prep Fathers’ Night and find out firsthand what a lovely time is had by students and their dads. The Prep teachers did a wonderful job setting up activities, for the dads to share with their children. There was play dough, painting, singing, dancing followed by a delicious supper.

During the term Prep Maroon teachers have been asking questions about dads and there was a very funny segment called Funny Facts about Daddy where some of the answers were shared.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed the night.

Mike Curtis, Principal 

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