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Plenty of Energy at Junior Athletics

  • September 3, 2014

Plenty of Energy at Junior Athletics

The whole of Beerwah would have heard the thundering war cries from the junior students as they battled it out in the war cry competition at the Junior Athletics Carnival last Friday. This was a great way to start the carnival which saw the Prep to 8 year old students compete in sprints and participate in many athletics activities and tabloid games.

The sun shone down and the energy levels were high as children sprinted, long jumped, high jumped and challenged their parents at the tug o war. Every child received at least one much treasured ribbon after running two sprint races. The other events were not competitive but children jumped really well putting into practise what they had learnt during PE lessons.

After a much needed lunch break, students enjoyed eight different tabloid activities, some competitive and some not. Students were in teams of mixed ages, led by very helpful parents, with the older students often seen helping the younger ones in the activities. Points were given for encouragement and team spirit as well as achievement points at some activities.

The students enjoyed scrambling under the cargo net and climbing mat mountain in the obstacle course, squeezing through tunnels, avoiding the large rolling balls whilst carrying a cup of water, digging for treasure, throwing chickens into the pot, strategising to build the tallest giant jenga tower and catching as many illusive tails as possible.

When all the points were added the champion house for 2014 emerged. After another round of war cries, Mrs Bryers announced that Ararat were the winners followed by Sinai and in third place, Zion. I think everyone went home a winner after such a great day of fun and competition!

It was fantastic to see so many parents and grandparents cheering on the children and enjoying the day with them. Staff would like to thank everyone for helping out during the day and cheering and supporting all students so enthusiastically.

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