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Future Pathways 19 September 2014

  • September 16, 2014

Future Pathways 19 September 2014

One of the key features of Future Pathways is the priority we have placed on networking and Industry Groups in the community. In particular, the Industry Training Reference Group (TRG) Sunshine Coast, including Moreton Bay) and Sustainable Partnerships.

Year 10 Mock Interviews on 15 October 

It has been these key connections that have been pivotal in engaging individuals from Industry in our Year 10 Career Education/Pathways program this year, and in the forthcoming Mock Interviews on 15 October.

This has been demonstrated by the number of interviewers from Industry wanting to participate in partnership with the school, with the Year 10 Mock Interviews in October.

Year 10 students have been engaged during their PC period in finding a job, compiling a resume (modifying their existing one, but tailored to the job they have found), cover letter and preparing for the formal interview process, the Mock Interview. Students must be clear on the qualifications needed for the job they are applying for.

Currently, we are in the process of reviewing student’s draft cover letters and resumes, and it is quite noticeable, that in some cases, students are not following the templates that can be accessed through Connect, on the school’s website.

It would be appreciated if parents could assist in checking their son or daughter’s resume and cover letter in relation to the job they are applying for, so that they comply with the templates. Students must print two copies of the job advertisement, resume and cover letter. One set is given to the interviewer.

Headhunters Turn Online

If your posting your resume in the letter box rather than online you’re doing it wrong. A study reveals that more than half of hiring managers look to the web to headhunt talent. Personal websites like blogs and LinkedIn are innovative ways to promote yourself and “cut through the clutter”, the report from online profile experts Workfolio says.

 Year 9 Work Experience 2015 Information Evening.

On 14 October,Year 9 students and parents will be required to attend a Work Experience 2015 Information Evening. This will be held in the theatre at 6.30pm.

‘Sustainable Partnerships’ a school –industry partnership broker with many years of experience in Structured Workplace Learning (SWL), will provide an overview of the Work Experience process for Year 10 students in Term 1, 2015.

They will obtain Expressions of Interest from students in their areas of priority, for placements. Compulsory attendance is expected that night.

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Experience, Buderim

This was held on Thursday 4 September The students including Sean McKeown from our school found it stimulating and fulfilling and were proactively involved, often with newly acquired hospital equipment.

Year 12 QTAC interviews are continuing to take place. Students are to be reminded to check the QTAC website ( there is a link on the College’s website), as to whether courses have been added or withdrawn.

A substantial number of TAFE courses have been withdrawn for 2015

This includes The Certificate III Health Services Assistance and Youth Work type courses offered externally. Due to the withdrawal of so many TAFE Diploma courses (predominantly at TAFE Brisbane, Southbank Campus), the dual qualification, (diploma-degree) has also been withdrawn. ie Diploma Justice Studies and therefore Diploma Justice Studies /B Business is withdrawn.

Notable additions to QTAC courses since the QTAC book was published include:

Bachelor of Paramedics ( external) through CQ University; The following are additions at USC:- B Psych (Honours), Bachelor of Animal Ecology, B Design and Marketing, three new degrees in Health Science at USC in, 1.Applied Environmental Health, 2. Applied Health Promotion 3.Epidemiology and Public Health.

Students school programs, which include TAFE programs and school-based apprenticeships that form part of their program, have additional responsibilities to submit their assessment work on time, to their TAFE teachers. Often this gets neglected in the face of school commitments, extracurricular activities, social media diversions, and not managing their time productively.

Students who repeatedly promise TAFE teachers that their assessments will be in on time and don’t deliver are not fulfilling their School Based Traineeship or Apprenticeship responsibilities. This is a poor reflection on individual character and the image of the College.

The College reserves the right, in consultation with parents and employers, to withdraw the ‘work day’, or more than one, if needed. That means the trainee doesn’t get the ‘traineeship wage’ in that week and/or some of the following week/s, depending on the individual circumstances.

That day then is used instead to catch up on assignments, assessments and logbooks, entering log hours at school, so that theoretical obligations of the traineeship or apprenticeship are met.

Year 12s will apply the same way in 2014 as they always have, selecting the TTT (Twelve to Tertiary) application and starting the application with their LUI number and PIN.

‘Supporting Women Scholarships’, introduced by the Qld Government.

Year 12 girls should be aware of new scholarship initiatives such as the ‘Supporting Women Scholarships’, introduced by the Qld Government.

The Supporting Women Scholarships provide women with financial support to take up opportunities in male dominated fields of study and employment.

Scholarships are valued at $5,000 per annum (full-time study) for the length of the qualification, and worth up to a maximum of $20,000.

Scholarships are available from certificate IV to postgraduate level for study in:

  • Agriculture and Environmental Studies
  • Architecture and Building
  • Earth Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Information technology

Apply online at www.supportingwomen.qld.gov.au/applications

If you need advice and support in preparing an application, contact the Supporting Women Scholarships team at supportingwomen@dete.qld.gov.au  or on 1800 177 577.

Scholarships in the Petroleum and Gas Industry

The Society of Petroleum Engineers offers students scholarships in pursuing petroleum engineering for up to a maximum of four years. Year 12 students interested should go to the website www.spe.org/scholarships for further information.

Girls interested in the Defence Forces

This has increasingly become a priority for the Australian Defence Forces, in recent times. Senior Girls who are interested in pursuing a career in the Defence Forces have great support available to them.

The recruitment process can be a long and at time quite a daunting process to go through. It’s not uncommon to feel like things are getting on top of you, or that you just don’t know what to do. So feel free to call or email any of the W-ADF team.

The following can be contacted for course advice and support regarding the recruitment process:-Navy-Leading Seaman Karen Dwyer-0478 064 611 kdwyer@dfr.com; Army – Captain Jess Boyd 07) 3016 2310 wid@dfr.com.au; Airforce – Squadron Leader Amanda Goslingagosling@dfr.com.au .

The APP has Career Info on TAP.

A new free smartphone app for iPhone and iPad  is now available to help young people plan career paths and find job opportunities

The Career Hunter App provides up-to-date information allowing young people make tangible links from school to the world of work and highlights the industries where skills are most needed.

Believed to be the first career exploration app of its kind, Career Hunter provides information about occupations in different industries, job descriptions, training and qualification requirements and job vacancies. It is a simple way for young people and their parents to find the information needed to explore career opportunities.

– See more at: http://education.qld.gov.au/projects/educationviews 

 Upcoming Events:-

  • Applications close for the Sunshine Coast Technical Trade Training Centre 19 September.
  • Supporting Women Scholarships close at 2pm, on 10 October 2014.
  • Applications for QTAC Tertiary Admissions closes on the 30 September 2014,
  • QUT Academic Scholarships Seminar, Thursday 2 October 2014, 5.30pm – 7pm, F block, QUT Kelvin Grove. Prospective undergraduate students: Year 12 students expecting to receive an OP 1 – 5, and their parents need to register to attend. Email exploreevents@qut.edu.au For further information, contact Susan Thomas on phone on (07) 3138 8567.
  • Year 9 Work Experience Night, 14 October. Facilitated by Sustainable Partnerships.
  • Year 10 Mock Interviews, 15 October.
  • Year 9 students will be visiting QUT for the ‘QUT Explore Uni’ day.

Paul Nash 
Head of Future Pathways

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