Primary News 9 November 2018 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 9 November 2018

  • November 8, 2018

Primary News 9 November 2018

Assessment for reporting: This is the time of year when teachers are preparing for the end of Term 4 and every assessment item is important for the Semester 2 report. Any absence from class may impact results if children miss the preparation for assessment pieces so we request that students are in attendance except in extenuating circumstances.

Dance Night Friday 2 November

If you were in the audience on Friday night you would have been so proud of our GCC students as they performed their items.

The Primary Team had a lot of fun with “Wipe Out” (I remember Beach Boys playing that when I was younger) and performed a sweet dance to “Butterfly Kisses” which is one of my favourite songs.

There were also Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro and Hip Hop groups from the Glasshouse Christian College Dance Academy.

In addition to these some primary students performed solo and duet items which the audience enjoyed immensely.

It was lovely to watch how much the students enjoy dance and to see their commitment to the team, to practices and to performance. We are very grateful to Stacey Whyte for her love of dance and for working with our primary students. Mrs Whyte uses her non contact time to give our students these amazing opportunities.

The Dance Team has enjoyed another year of development both personally and as a group and Dance Night was a celebration of all that they have achieved throughout the year.

The facilities currently being constructed will continue to enhance the growth of Performing Arts at Glasshouse Christian College and we look forward in anticipation to increased participation in Music and Dance over the next few years.

Time to Shine

What a difficult task judges had as they discussed the performances for each of the Time to Shine finals. Every year the standard of the items improves and I have to say that it was such a delight and an honour to participate in the auditions for Prep – Year 3 and then the finals for Year 4 – 6. I feel very confident about the future of Primary Performing Arts here at Glasshouse Christian College. Congratulations to the winning students.


Year 4 – 6
1st Caitlin Mare (Year 5)
2nd Isabella Buckland (Year 4)
3rd Islah-Lyleigh Dwyer (Year 6)
3rd Jayden Neideck (Year 6)

Year 1 – 3
1st Bella Campbell (Year 3)
2nd Abbie Stevens (Year 1)
3rd Eadie Townsend (Year 2)

For all the photos and videos of these fantastic concerts, click here.

Christmas Concerts Monday 3 December and Tuesday 4 December

Things are well underway for the Christmas concerts and by now you probably know the costume items which your children will need for the night.

The concerts promise to be very entertaining and there is a sense of excitement in the air already. As soon as assessment and reporting is completed, it will be time to focus on joining all the individual class items into the whole show.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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