Time to Shine primary concerts - Glasshouse Christian College

Time to Shine primary concerts

  • November 6, 2018

Time to Shine primary concerts

Last Thursday 1 November our Primary student finalists performed in two Time to Shine Concerts. The first album is from the Prep to Year 3 concert and the second album is from the Year 4 to 6 concert.

The videos are at the bottom of the page and we have them hosted on Vimeo rather than YouTube. To comply with copyright regulations, you will need to enter a password in order to watch the video. The password for all of our Vimeo videos is: gcc

The talent on show was truly amazing. GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

Videos on Vimeo

Remember to enter the password: gcc

Islay-Lyleigh with ribbon and dance

Jayden on the piano

Caitlin Mare performs to her own choreography

Laeni Rees singing and playing the ukulele

Cello recital

Kai Campbell sings ‘You Don’t Know Your’re Beautiful’ by One Direction

Eadie Townsend dances with her hula hoop

Bella Campbell dances to first place

Abbie Stevens sings “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Zane Hall says ‘Hello’ in a hilarious fashion

Ariella Rees sings “Hallelujah”

Isla McNeil and Charlotte Graham with original song and dance

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