Primary News 24 October 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 24 October 2014

  • October 23, 2014

Primary News 24 October 2014

Legacy Cup Talent Quest

This week we started auditions for our Legacy Cup Talent Quest which are being done in two sessions at lunch breaks –  Prep to Year 2 and Years 3 to 6.  These auditions will be happening over the next couple of weeks every day. Students are so excited and the judges, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Harrison, Chappy Dani, Mrs Bryers, Mrs Rosenberg and Mrs West are all enjoying these performances. From the auditions children will be informed if they are in the finals for Week 4.

Late Arrivals and Absences

It is very important that students are at school from the beginning of the day at 8.30 am. There are some children who are arriving late almost daily.  We are monitoring student absences and late arrivals and letters will be sent home if we have a concern about either of these. Any time away from class has a significant impact on children’s academic progress and class lessons begin straight after first bell.

Carols by Candlelight (Prep – Year 2) Monday 1 December & Christmas Concert (Years 3-6) Tuesday 2 December

Everyone who was at the Prep – Year 2 Carols by Candlelight last year would remember what a wonderful night is was!  As a result, we have decided to do a similar concert for Years 3 – 6 which we are sure will also be an enjoyable culminating event for the older students. Students in all year levels are already working on their items and you will be receiving information soon regarding the basic costumes for your children for the concerts.

There will be food for sale on both evenings so this can be a family event. Last year there were a number of options available for purchase either provided by our P and F or private organizations. This created such a festive atmosphere for the concert and allowed choice for those who attended.

Last year we had almost 500 people on the oval for the P – 2 concert and we also expect big crowds on both nights this year.

On Tuesday a group of staff and P and F members met to discuss the logistics for the P and F barbecues on both nights. Our NUMBER 1 priority will be helpers for the evenings. So often a small number of parents carry the load when there are school functions and food is provided.

Events like the Christmas Concerts will require many willing helpers to ensure we can provide food for so many people.

The success of FUNFEST is proof of what a team of people who work together can do. We need a team of people like that to make these two nights a success. We will be sending out an invitation to every family to ask who would be able to volunteer to assist with these barbecues. This is a wonderful service the P and F provides for everyone and we will be asking if people could give even an hour or so to help. Rosters will be organized in such a way that parents will not miss out on the items they need to see on the night, as the BBQ will finish before the items begin.

Please check emails and the newsletter at the beginning of November for more details.

Bullying Survey

Each year in the primary school we conduct a survey to monitor culture and give students the opportunity to give confidential feedback on how safe they feel at GCCC.  This survey is conducted for all Prep – Year 6 classes but the questions are different for the younger students.

The feedback from the Year 3 – 6 surveys was discussed by teachers at the staff meeting on Monday’s pupil free day and recommendations were made to address any issues which we felt were a concern. Teachers from each year level discussed the feedback from their own group of students to come up with strategies to address any issues.  We believe that giving students a “voice” in this aspect of their school life will empower them and assist us to make some changes if necessary.

Mrs Mitchell and I spent time last weekend considering the feedback from these surveys and on the whole were encouraged by the overall results.  However, we were excited by some of the suggestions made by our students and we will be initiating some opportunities for students to have a voice on regular occasions.

The Prep- Year 2 survey will be completed in the next couple weeks for teachers’ consideration also.  Mrs Rosenberg our P – Year 2 coordinator will be coordinating these discussions on student feedback regarding playground culture.

We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all our students.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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