Middle School News 24 October 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School News 24 October 2014

  • October 23, 2014

Middle School News 24 October 2014

The Middle School GCCC 2014 Awards

Louis Pasteur, famed microbiologist and inventor of pasteurization, once remarked in a university lecture, “chance favors the prepared mind.” There is very little chance in the final results for our awardees in two Tuesday night’s time, rather more evidence of students who have worked hard to prepare their minds.

The results for the Gold and Silver Academic awards is based on the grade point average of a students’ results over the last three terms of this year. Even the diligence award is referenced by the effort grade that students are given at the end of each term for each subject. What is often interesting is that those who do in fact get the high academic awards are not always those who grade highly in the academic tests as it does boil down to completing quality assignments, studying and performing well in tests and other assessments. I love that half of our the awards are in fact for effort (Diligence) and behaviour (GREAT). Come and celebrate with us in the year that was 2014. Not only will there be recognition of these students but also a showcase of some of our student talent and PowerPoints of photos from each year level.

Exposure to M-rated materials

The common exposure our young people have to mature rated media, games, books, movies and songs as the norm these days, is concerning. The world is saturated with it to the point where, for many, it is no longer shocking. Sadly, what our young men and women watch and listen to does very often affect their behaviour, even if it is at this stage only what they think is acceptable to say among each other. May I encourage you as families to continue to hold the bar high on what is and isn’t okay for our children to be exposed to. While they may say that all their friends are watching, playing, reading or listening to these things we do not do them a service by allowing this exposure. And, there are actually more parents who say no then yes. My husband and I decided whenever we had conflict along these lines with our children that they could say to their friends that their parents did not allow them and they could use us as the reason their life was ‘so tough’.

Class Lists for 2015

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at class lists. We will be making significant changes to the Year 7 and 8 lists and most likely only minimal changes to the Year 9 list for Year 10. Please email the Head of Middle School directly with any special requests you may have for next year by the end of October. It is most likely we will allow students to see what classes they are in for next year, however these may still change right up until the week before school starts.

Communicating with Staff

Our school uses emails as the main method of communication. Certainly ringing a staff member at school is quite acceptable however, teachers may be teaching and not available when you ring. In this case a message will be given to the staff member and they will ring back.  While mobile phone numbers may be given to parents for camps – out of respect for their privacy and personal time please don’t use a teacher’s mobile phone to make contact.

Dates to Remember
29 October – Year 9 Explore Uni Day
28 November – Year 9 rites of Passage day
4 December – year 9 Dinner Dance

2015 Start up Dates
Thursday 22 January – Admin Day – students to pop in to collect texts, IT Devices, locks and lockers etc
Tuesday 27 January – Year 7 Orientation Day (No Year 8s or Year 9s)
Wednesday 28 January – All students on deck

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School


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