Senior School News 24 October 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 24 October 2014

  • October 23, 2014

Senior School News 24 October 2014

Since my last newsletter article so many things have happened.

In the first week of this term we started off our assemblies with a Legacy Cup Challenge. It was a spelling challenge that was hotly contested. It looked like Ararat was going to pull off another win but that wasn’t the case. In the final round Sinai narrowly pulled out a win. With only two weeks to go until Awards Night and the announcement of the winning house everyone is focussed on the final competition – the ultimate student talent competition. The results of this event could determine the final outcome for the winner of the 2014 Legacy Cup Challenge!

Speaking of Talent Competitions, the inaugural GCCC Teacher Talent Competition was held last Friday. The opening item was the Heads of Schools Drama with Mrs Vreeling and myself doing the Harlem Shake. Quite rightly we were not the winners. That title was taken out by staff from the English Department. What amazed me so much was the number of mobile devices videoing us teachers demonstrating our amazing talent.  I do apologise to those unfortunate enough to see our item posted on one of the various social media sites.

In Week 2 the Year 11s travelled to Corbould Park to participate in the Rotary Young Drivers Awareness Program (RYDA). This is a fantastic program put on by a variety of volunteers and Emergency Services workers including Police and Paramedics. Joining the students was myself and Ms Gook.  Our students were split into two groups and went through 5 different sessions that included Hazard and Risk awareness, Driver stopping distances and a variety of other activities aimed at making our students more Driver Aware.  This was a great day and I want to acknowledge all the volunteers and particularly Rotary for organising this event.

At the same time as the Year 11s were doing their program, the Year 12 students were being split
according to gender to participate in a special character development program aimed at them. The males did a program called “Being a Bloke” which inspires and provokes male students to consider what is the essence of healthy masculinity and becoming a man (rights and responsibilities).  The females did a different program called “Beyond the Mascara” which is designed to encourage female students to consider how they view and value what it is to be a healthy female in today’s society.

Last week we also held Mock Interviews with Year 10 students.  This is a great opportunity to help students to understand what employers look for at job interviews and hopefully help prepare them for life outside of school.  I have heard many positive reports from those involved.  Again I want to thank those in our community who volunteered to do the mock interviews and help our students.

Finally I wish to mention those students who have been great ambassadors of the College.  Last Wednesday the Year 12 students held their Community Service Day at which they performed a variety of programs to support and help people who are less fortunate or who are struggling in our community.  They were excellent ambassadors of the College.  Then on Friday a large number of Seniors gave of their time to volunteer as helpers and support for the Beerwah Celebration.  I was extremely proud of them when I received feedback from various people at how well they had represented the College.

Coming Up……

Next Week approximately 25 students aged 16 or over will be donating blood through the Red Cross.  Each donation has the potential to save 3 lives.  This activity was organised by our Red Cross Ambassador – Courtney Sinclair.

Awards Night is coming up very quickly – November 4 starting at 6:30pm.  Please ensure your child attends as this is a compulsory event.  Due to the formal nature of the event wwe would like all students dressed in formal uniform which includes ties and belts for boys.

This is certainly a busy term.  Please continue to pray for our students and staff in this busy period and particularly for God to watch over our Year 12’s as they do their final assessments before graduating in a few weeks time.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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