Principal's Address 24 October 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 24 October 2014

  • October 23, 2014

Principal’s Address 24 October 2014

Mock interviews

Our Year 10 students just finished doing their mock interviews and I was very pleased with the quality of the students I interviewed. Others staff members who shared this task also reported on how professional the students were and how they handled difficult questions. The students had obviously spent considerable time preparing for the interviews but what really impressed me was the confidence they displayed as they gave good eye contact and conducted themselves with poise. Well done to Paul Nash and Mel Parker in the Future Pathways Department who organised the interviews and helped prepare the students.

Year 12 Community Service

During last week our Year 12 students performed community service tasks which were really appreciated by the recipients. Thanks to Cameron Hall and the students who not only helped a lot of people with their hard work but also did the College proud with their character and commitment.

Nothing Middling about Middle School Experience

On Friday 17 October we held our Middle School Experience with approximately 80 students from 50 families attending. Families were introduced to Middle School and welcomed by Jacq Vreeling and myself before the students and parents split up. Students were taken on tours of the campus and through a technology session while parents had a chat and morning tea together. After the tours students met their parents back at the church and watched interviews with two students who were new to Middle School last year. The videos explored some of the fears and expectations of Middle School and were especially reassuring for the new students. They enjoyed hearing from other students who had recently been exactly where they are now.

Awards Night

The timing of the Sports Awards night and the newsletter deadline clashed so I can’t pass on any information yet but there will be sure to be a big write up in the next newsletter and photos from the night will be uploaded before then.

This is the time of the year to pay special attention to calendar dates and emails from the College. There are so many important events, that we would hate for you to miss one.

Last year our Middle and Senior School Awards night was combined and held at the Caloundra Events Centre. This was such a success that we are repeating the format this year and have booked the centre for Tuesday 4 November. The Primary concerts and awards nights will be held during the last week of school and the dates are also on the calendar.

Speeding in Blackbutt Street

We recently received a complaint from a long time neighbour in Blackbutt Street saying that she had seen many vehicles going very fast during the school pick up and drop off times. I realise that this street is not a 40km zone but there are so many students who walk along it that I am asking for everyone to please slow down. This neighbour has not complained before but she is very worried about the safety of our students and we should be also. She has already witnessed one near miss and doesn’t want to see any others.

Blazers and formal hats

Next year blazers are compulsory for all Senior School students during winter so please ensure you order them from the Uniform Shop in plenty of time. Also next year, formal hats are compulsory with the formal uniform for Middle and Senior School students. These changes will not only smarten the image of the College but I hope it helps the students wear their uniform with pride.


Halloween is largely an American event but it has gained some traction in Australia due to the dominance of American shows on television and the endless quest to find another angle to advertise a product. As a Christian school we do not celebrate Halloween and I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know why we don’t allow Halloween traditions.

To many, Halloween is just a time to dress up but the tradition has dark roots. It goes back to the Druid new year when the beginning of darkness (symbolically and literally i.e. UK winter) was celebrated. It was believed to be a time where the gates of hell were opened and is still a key festival for modern pagans today.  The carry over is seen in the dressing up as witches, ghosts etc. and some groups use the evening for specific anti-God purposes.

All this to one side – as a Christian school, we want to celebrate God’s power and the wonderful victory Jesus won over death and evil. We believe spiritual evil exists and is very real but God is more powerful than evil. We don’t want to celebrate an event that has such an emphasis on death, darkness and fear when Jesus Christ gives life, faith, light and hope.

Furthermore, the practice of going to people’s homes and demanding lollies and chocolates in exchange for not being a nuisance-as summarised by the familiar “Trick or treat” is contrary to any of the school values we are trying to promote in your children.

I know it is difficult to go against the prevailing culture – especially when the event is often seen as harmless fun but the reality is that Halloween does touch on concerning spiritual themes.

Please do not allow your children to bring any Halloween related items to school.

World Teachers’ Day

This is one event I invite everyone to celebrate with us. World Teachers’ Day was inaugurated in 1994 to celebrate the role of teachers in society. Internationally the day is celebrated on 5 October but in Australia it is on the last Friday of October which is 31 October in 2014.

At GCCC we recognise that it takes more than good teachers to make a great school so we have internally branded this ‘Staff Appreciation Day’. Take some time on the 31 October to thank your child’s teacher or teachers and don’t forget to include Teaching Assistants, Admin Officers, the Maintenance Team and the men and women who work behind the scenes to ensure we have a clean school. A small note or a cheery wave goes a long way to encouraging staff in what is often a challenging job.

Mike Curtis, Principal


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