Prep Cubby House Warming - Glasshouse Christian College

Prep Cubby House Warming

  • July 25, 2023

Prep Cubby House Warming

What an auspicious occasion to conclude Semester One at Prep 2023. A Grand Opening! How very grand. Speeches, VIP guests, AND celebratory cupcakes. Yumbo!

Thank you so much to the GCC P&F for funds for the project, and to Mrs Charleson, Mrs Macpherson, and Mrs Masterson from the P&F for joining us and cutting the ribbon to officially open the playspace. We must also thank the hard-working GCC Maintenance Team for the design and the muscles to create this gorgeous structure, which will be sure to last for a very long time. (The team also took lots of very helpful advice from the many young apprentices who supervised construction every lunch break.) Thank you to Mrs Leary for your stylish touches to make everything look special… and for the cupcakes.

Watch this space as it continues to be transformed into a cafe, or a puppet theatre, or a house, or a mechanics workshop, or… 😉

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