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Beerwah Firefighters Teach Year 5 Students About Bushfires

  • July 25, 2023

Beerwah Firefighters Teach Year 5 Students About Bushfires

Year 5 students received a special visit from the brave team of the Beerwah Fire Station last week. The firefighters’ visit tied neatly with the students’ current study of bushfires.

Firefighters Michael, Jason, and Jake held the students’ attention with their in-depth discussion about bushfires. They explained how these fires begin and spread, and the various tools and strategies they use to combat them.

The highlight of the visit was a hands-on tour of a real fire truck. The firefighters introduced the students to the various pieces of equipment they use in their daily work. The students got a big thrill when the firefighters sounded the sirens before they left.

But the visit wasn’t just about fun and games. The firefighters emphasized the importance of staying safe in the event of a fire. They advised students to memorize their home addresses, plan emergency exits in their homes, and assemble emergency kits filled with essential items.

Following the visit, the students were given some real-life homework from the firefighters. They were tasked with remembering their addresses, plotting emergency exit routes from their homes, and creating their own emergency kits. This assignment is designed to reinforce the safety messages shared by the firefighters and apply them to their own lives.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Beerwah Fire Station for providing this valuable learning experience. Through this visit, our students not only learned more about bushfires but also gained an understanding of personal safety and responsibility.

In the end, the firefighters showed our students that learning can be both engaging and practical, possibly inspiring some of our Year 5 students to consider a career in firefighting in the future.

Kailah Cuckson, Year 5 Teacher

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