Plenty of action at GCC Mini Olympics - Glasshouse Christian College

Plenty of action at GCC Mini Olympics

  • August 19, 2021

Plenty of action at GCC Mini Olympics

An Olympic experience was brought right to GCC on Tuesday when the Prep to Year 2 students participated in the GCC Mini Olympics. Every student represented a country and proudly marched behind their country’s flag as they were welcomed into the Olympic Arena as part of the opening ceremony. Lucas Milburn read the Athletes Oath very professionally and stated that everyone would compete fairly and to the best of their ability with the talent God has given them. The Olympic torch was then carried in by some Year 2 students and placed up front for all to see before Mrs Jennings declared the 2021 GCC Mini Olympics “open”! 

The competition began with sprints, long jump, tug o war and an obstacle course. Students competed hard and also encouraged each other in competitive and non-competitive activities. They ran fast, jumped long, pulled hard and just kept on running over the obstacles. Medals were presented to the fastest Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 sprinters with all other events being non-competitive.

It was great to have parents as spectators for the first half of our Olympics and their cheering encouraged students to do their very best. After the lunch break students competed in their country teams in eight different tabloid Olympic themed activities.

Students participated in kayaking and in a triathlon, threw javelins and vortex balls, shot at targets with water pistols and played basketball and rugby sevens. During all this, they earned points for their country and GCC house teams.

After four of the eight rounds, Ararat had a slender lead but by the end of the day, the table had flipped. Sinai were crowned the Olympic Champions with Zion in second and Ararat in third place.

The students were amazing, still having energy at the end of this busy day although they were all pretty tired – as were their teachers! We hope they have fond memories of participating in the GCC Mini Olympics and who knows – we may see some of these athletes competing on the world stage at the 2023 Olympics in Brisbane.

The sprint medalists were:

Prep GirlsHarlow WoulfeAva HarriesMabel Graham
Prep BoysRaph AquinoFletcher HansenDanny Sharma
Yr 1 GirlsPeytence FormbyCharlotte MorrisGeorgie Gilbert
Yr 1 BoysKaelan KaaraZac StevensArcher Stokje
Yr 2 GirlsIsla ChisholmAnnalise MeredithKarla Sahic
Yr 2 BoysEthan DoyleLincoln Graham Sonny Colman

Wendy Stott

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