Olivia Ellis attending UQ Biology Winter School - Glasshouse Christian College

Olivia Ellis attending UQ Biology Winter School

  • August 2, 2022

Olivia Ellis attending UQ Biology Winter School

The University of Queensland Biological Sciences Faculty provides amazing support to teachers and students of Biology in Queensland. As part of their program, they invite applications from high-achieving students to attend the Biology Winter School. Year 12 student Olivia Ellis applied and was offered a place in the program which was held at the St Lucia Campus during the recent school holidays. Here is what Olivia had to say about her experience.

“On the holidays, I had the privilege of attending UQ’s Biology Winter program, run by Dr Gurion Ang. It was a great experience, where I spent two days with other Year 12 students from all over Queensland, listening to lectures delivered by various UQ scientists, doctors & professors. We covered topics relevant to our study at school, as well as interesting and upcoming fields within biology. We also gained practical experience within the lab, practising the use of micropipettes, and PCR testing. Overall, I’m really grateful for what I was able to learn and the real-world university experience I gained, and I look forward to participating in any other programs they may have in the future.”

Cathy Horrigan

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