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Snapshot of Year 3

  • August 2, 2022

Snapshot of Year 3

Year 3 students are becoming very independent and are working well together. Here are some of the things they have been doing in class this term:


Students have now finished with their division unit and moving on to addition and subtraction. They will be covering this over the next two weeks and learning about regrouping. They had fun with our own escape room and everyone worked extremely hard to crack the code.


The students are currently working on Poetry and love reading through the students’ work and seeing the work they produce each week. They have learnt about a Haiku poem and its structure and are currently learning how to write a Cinquain poem and how syllables work within this poem.


Reading is still a big focus and students are encouraged to work on their Lexile reading. Year 3 is just over halfway through the year and the goal is to see everyone ending on a high at the end.

Maryke van Eck, Year 3 Team Leader

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