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Do you still have your Year 12 jersey?

  • August 3, 2022

Do you still have your Year 12 jersey?

The Year 11s are busy preparing for Year 12 next year.

Year 12 2023…I can hardly believe we are this close! In this process, we have been voting for our new Jersey and after much debate, we have finally picked our winner. Here it is….

On the day of announcing which jersey design received the most amount of votes, I wore my own Year 12 jersey! It’s hard to believe that my jersey is now 20 years old (can’t believe I am admitting this!!). For me, I haven’t kept the jersey this long because of how pretty it is (it’s definitely not the beautiful design of ours!), but the memories attached to this piece of material hold great sentimental value.

Year 12 is one of those years in your life that will forever hold significance and I’m sure our current Year 12 students will tell you how quickly the year flies by. While it is simply a piece of material; every Year 12 jersey embodies the memories made today and we hope these memories will have a lifelong impact on our students.

Cassie McKenzie, Year 11 Level Coordinator

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