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Bon appétit!

  • August 4, 2022

Bon appétit!

As part of the Secondary French program, one of the goals is to offer students real-life authentic learning experiences to highlight the importance of learning languages and understanding cultures. This week, the Year 8 French students had a chance to experience France and the French culture with all their senses while they explored French cuisine in a traditional French restaurant setting. The excursion is an integral part of their French Food Unit in which students learn food and drink related words and expressions, and learn the useful key phrases that can be used when ordering food. It was a joy to watch the students taste a variety of dishes with an open mind, and put their French skills to the test.

Tuija Hast, Secondary French

As year 8 students, we were warmly welcomed by Thierry and Cindy to the Maleny Hills Motel. 

Given the opportunity to spend a few hours in a French restaurant felt as though we had been transported across borders to the Bessan region.  It was not only the rustic feel; classic checked tablecloths; paintings, photographs; or antiques that helped create an authentic French experience, it was also the French-speaking interactions and most enjoyably the food. 

We enjoyed a two-course meal of delicious French cuisine.  While in the restaurant, students were encouraged to speak in French, describing their meals.  A highlight and something that most of us had never tried before were the vol-au-vents filled with snails in a garlic sauce.  Not everyone thought the snails were delicious and instead described them as “buerk” (French word meaning yuck! ).

Overall, the French restaurant experience helped enhance our language knowledge and build our vocabulary.

Oliver Geeves, Year 8 Student

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here and here.

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