Middle School scuba diving experience - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School scuba diving experience

  • July 8, 2020

Middle School scuba diving experience

Middle School brings many new and exciting experiences for students at Glasshouse Christian College. So, in March this year they had the opportunity to venture off into another world under the ocean. This was part of the PADI Open Water Course that Years 7-9 are able to undertake here at GCC. 

Group A scuba divers enjoyed a fantastic dive on the site of the caves at the Inner Gneerings Mooloolaba. Visibility was quite good and the group soon remembered their skills and moved comfortably through the water. You can watch some of their adventure here:

Group B students then completed their first dive in excellent conditions with good visibility and calm waters. Students loved the experience and both groups get to enjoy two more dives each before being awarded their certification. Watch Group B’s experience:

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