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Seven parenting hacks for a calmer home

  • June 11, 2020

Seven parenting hacks for a calmer home

Two years ago a good article was released in Essential Kids called ‘Parenting hacks for a calmer home’. As I was reading the article, it reminded me of all the parents who have told me how stressed they have been lately and how home life was a lot more chaotic since Covid-19 came onto the scene.

Although I don’t endorse all the tips in the article, I thought there were some good ‘take homes’ on creating a calmer home and this was the perfect time to share them with you. Here are seven parenting hacks for a calmer home:

1.    There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Don’t beat yourself up for small mistakes and never pretend to be the perfect parent to your children. Just do your best and keep loving your children unconditionally.

2.    There is no such thing as a perfect child. Don’t be disappointed or frustrated if your children are still leaving their dishes on the sink or their clothes on the floor. It doesn’t mean you don’t continue to reinforce the rules, have high expectations but don’t demand perfection and you won’t be disappointed.

3.    Accept that you will never be on top of it all. It’s lovely to have a clean, sparkling home but the reality is that the next load of dirty washing is already being worn and hungry stomachs will soon demand that the kitchen be messed up in order to cook food.

4.   Go outside. Fresh air and using up excess energy have almost a magical effect on calming everyone down afterwards.

5.   Show physical affection. Little children may love hugs more than older ones but even teenagers usually enjoy having their back scratched or their forehead stroked.

6. Download the Gateway App. This one isn’t in the original article but I can guarantee it will make your life calmer. Parents are especially enjoying seeing the notifications for due work and it is comforting to know you can access all the information you need on your phone. We are even sending out the newsletter via the Gateway App so there is one less email for you to read. 

7.     Laugh often. You won’t find this one in the article but there are many verses about joy and laughter in the Bible. Modern medicine has only recently uncovered the scientific benefits of laughter but we all know how good we feel after a hearty belly laugh.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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