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Middle School News 7 June 2013

  • June 6, 2013

Middle School News 7 June 2013

Acknowledging excellence is an important aspect of a child’s school life. Student’s who have talent in a sporting, musical, mathematical or dramatic ability, skills such as in woodwork or creating food dishes etc generally achieve awards not only because of their talent but because of their applied, diligence and consistent efforts over time.

Throughout the year, students are acknowledged in assemblies, Year Level Meets and in PC classes for sporting achievement, contribution to service in various areas and events, for results received in competitions, participation in special occasions and for GREAT merits given by teachers. Sometimes acknowledgement doesn’t come through a formal document; it comes from the applause of an audience, the praise of the recipients of a student’s work or the recommendation to another level of responsibility!

This year we have changed our official award system. In Middle School there are five categories of awards that will be awarded at our Awards ceremony. They are

Academic – these will be awarded to the top 10 students in each year level according to a GPA formula calculation based on results up to the end of Term3.

Encouragement – these will be awarded to five students per year level who are chosen by teachers of that year level for their consistent effort, outstanding improvement and generally putting their best foot forward. These students will have not received an academic award.

GREAT award – these will be awarded to the five-students per year level, who have most consistently displayed the GREAT values and will be decided by the teachers of that year level.

Middle School All Rounder – this will be awarded to one student across Year 7 – 9 who has demonstrated excellence across the Academic, Cultural and Sporting spheres of the College (or as close as possible to all 3)

Dux of Middle School – awarded to the top student academically in Year 9, which is calculated by the highest GPA.

Our Secondary Presentation Night will be held on the 5 November at Caloundra Events Centre at 6.30pm. Mark it in your diary – this will be a wonderful celebration of not only the achievements of our students but the various activities and successes of our students this year.

What’s Happening in Middle School?

Destiny Rescue – this Friday students can Make a Stand – and if they have nominated and fundraised – they will be standing up for 260minutes to raise funds for this organization that helps rescue children from slavery.

Homework Club – it is great to see a number of students use this opportunity to catch up on work, get a helping hand from the experts and use our beautiful library facility. It’s on every Thursday from 3 – 4pm.

Year 9 Drama  If  your child has been studying Drama this semester – their performance is on Wednesday 19 June.

Sport is a vital part of school life. All students have a wonderful opportunity to choose from a huge range of options each term. Some of them are interschool sports other options are leisure type sorts such as mountain bike-riding, fishing, wake-boarding. All Year 8 and 9 students must attend their given sports, if they have an injury but can be still at school they are invaluable in encouraging their team, scoring etc.

Year 9 Community Service All Year 9s have signed up to help out in a Community Service Activity in Week 10 on the Thursday. This was such a positive experience last year that many students asked if they could do it every week! I am sure if you know a Year 9 student – they will be telling you all about it once they have done it.

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